Saturday, May 02, 2009


date night...
we ate here:
not chic or hip, but cheap and yummy!
we went here:

picked up these:

how-to build wise furniture and dance the alley cat--
we're gonna be busy!

i don't think i've read this, but can't remember.
chick lit: fun but forgettable.

raising a brighter child...who can be potty-trained in one day.
plus, if that little angel can pee on the pot, surely piper can.
then watched this:

my little sister saw this 3 times and said she sobbed uncontrollably. me...not so much. don't get me wrong--it was good, i even got choked up a bit, but f a r from uncontrollable sobbing.
in the morning we ate this in bed:

it was a perfect date.


  1. I was potty trained in one day. My parents probably used that same book! It totally works!!

  2. the cover says 2 million copies sold!!! that's gotta mean somethin'.

  3. i love that coffee picture with the steam...super cute.
    haven't eaten at Tuesday's yet but I keep trying to get Jon to take me there on a date.


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