Thursday, May 28, 2009


now let's see the bright side of this day...

1. a goodie box showed up on my doorstep:
note to hubby: the box is huge compared to its contents and everything was on super-sale.

i know this just looks like a boring ol' brown belt...
ok, i guess it is just a boring ol' brown belt, but i like it.

a dress for me; since that's about all i'll wear when it's hot...

and this cutie-cute crewcuts tank for my niece's upcoming birthday.
at $4.99 i'm wishing i'd bought one for piper!

2. i got this moroccan pouf from work:

nicole has one and since i basically want my home to look exactly like hers, i jumped at the chance to bring this baby home...
for free!

3.these pretty ladies...

today is the last day of my other job (watching big e & little e) and they brought me flowers!
how can you have a bad day when someone brings you flowers?

update: 4. the sun is out!


after a few days of rain (and being stuck in the house) i'm feeling dreeeeary. like, don't-feel-like-getting-dressed-didn't-wash-my-face-need-to-get-out-of-the-house-but-don't-know-where-to-go-with-my-emotionally-unstable-two-year-old dreary.

i didn't really get post-partum "baby blues" after piper was born. but i think i have post-baby "toddler blues" now.
you have this crazy love for your child, but it's tough and the good moments are outweighed by the challenging ones.

we recently spent the night at mr.arganbright's parents house. they let us sleep in and got piper up and fed. at some point i could hear her sweet little voice chatting away downstairs. i laid there for a while listening and telling myself i should just go back to sleep. but i had this maternal drive to just go down and see her and give her a hug. i walk down the stairs and when she sees me she runs right over to me, gives me a huge hug and says,
"wuv woo, mommy!"
well, that's what i was hoping for.
what actually happened is she threw herself on the floor screaming,
"no, mommy, no! want daddy!"
whew, i had to go back upstairs so i didn't get choked up. i know she's just 2 and i feel dumb admitting it, but it really hurt.
i'll have a long, crazy hair-pulling day with her and feel like i'm giving so much, only to have her reject me and want mr. arganbright every time.
i'm sure there are moments where he envies the time i have with her. sometimes i envy the time he doesn't have with her.
(and then i feel guilty about it, so there's that.)

you just want to be that mom that when your kid is 20, they're like, "my mom was really great and always was ______ (fill in cool trait here) and did _________ (fill in other cool thing there)."
my dad often reminds us that this time is so short in the grand scheme of things. and i read stuff like this and it challenges me to be present and creative and just, better.

but right now, in this moment, i'm hesitating to go get groceries cause i don't want to deal with keeping her entertained for an hour while i try to be organized enough to get food into our house (let alone create a meal out of said food later). so that's my reality right now. of course i'd love to spend each day reading stories and playing outside and making crafts and laughing and frolicking (are you getting this visual? there's happy music playing in the background, too); but stuff like rain and tantrums and laundry and messes and lack of motivation get in the way.

sorry. this is depressing. i'm gonna go get dressed and head to target. who can be depressed at target?! there i will get groceries and look at cute house stuff (just look) and bribe piper with all sorts of ridiculous cheapies and maybe get myself something yummy at starbucks. the end.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


weekend wears...
cardigan: forever21
blouse: j.crew
pants: motherhood
sandals: tj maxx
bangles: j.crew
i worked on saturday night and for some reason it was crazy-hot in there. literally, if i laughed i broke out in a sweat. not so good for the swelling situation.

dress: tj maxx
tank: j.crew
bangles: forever21 & j.crew
flip-flops: j.crew
sunday was a perfect day. not too hot, not rainy, just nice.
went to church, lunch at my parent's, and then spent the night at this great bed & breakfast!

on monday we went to a Memorial service that mr. arganbright's grandparents participated in. it was a really neat service and i'm glad we spent part of our day honoring those who've made our country what it is.
after that, we spent the afternoon at his grandparent's farm. we sat on the front porch eating strawberries and chit-chatting while piper ran around with the chickens, peacocks, cats, and dogs.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i took this picture after spending wednesday on my feet at work.

convertible dress: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew
sandals: urban outfitters
bangles: miscellaneous
fat feet: thrifted
by the end of the day they were lookin' a bit pudgy. now i've realized they're in a constant state of pudginess. and it's spreading! i actually took my rings off and they've found a new home on a chain around my neck. it doesn't feel quite right, but it'll do for now.

i'll just have to make extra effort to mention "my husband" in conversation with strangers.


last night we had our friends mr. t and miss k over for dinner. it was sort-of last minute, but what's great about hanging out with kid-less friends is that it requires little planning. what's great about these specific kid-less friends is that i don't feel like i have to clean my house before they come over! after a relaxed meal outside no dishes, no silverware, just hands & napkins, we decided to walk to van dee's for dessert.
van dee's is the been-there-forever local ice cream shop that just makes you smile. the small building has been hand-painted in bright colors and its menu looks like a DIY project with options typed out on paper and pictures cut from packages and catalogues. you'll always be served by either a teenage girl in shorty-short-shorts or the aging owners. in the summertime it stays packed with families running wild, teenagers on first dates, and old couples holding hands; while the dairy queen down the block sits lonely and cold.
anyway, the ice cream is awesome...

but our favorite part is the free cow rides!

support your local ice cream shop!


our new pet:

small, quiet, and maintenance-free!

if only i could say the same for this one...
edit: this is the fenced-in backyard!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


look what greeted me when i stepped out the front door this morning!
what a nice springy suprise!
please note: i've had nothing to do with any plants or flowers at our house. i'm pleasantly suprised by anything that pops up and have only the previous owners to thank!


remember this dress?
i put it on hiatus for a few months until it fit better.
and the time has come! but, i learned it's best worn without 30 mph winds...

dress: forever 21
sandals: urban outfitters
*no accessories today!
i put on some bangles, but decided with a belly this big and a dress this busy, i could probably do without 'em.

other things i'm wearing...

the local steve madden store is closing at the end of the month but lucky for us they are getting rid of all their inventory!
it's pretty picked over but definitely worth a look.
i got these $300 boots for $40! now all i need is a nice hog to ride off into the sunset.
haha, "hog."

Sunday, May 17, 2009


our saturday continued...
after playing outside, we had an errand to run and ended up at gateway market. we walked around for a bit, sampled some goodies, and stayed for dinner. mr. arganbright had the carne asada quesadilla (very good) and i had the fish corn tacos. my entree was fresh and beautiful but the blackening on the fish was extremely spicy (and i loooove spicy food) so it dominated the other flavors. a little lighter on the seasoning and it would've been perfect. i can, however, highly recommend the chicken fingers! we ordered them for piper and they were deeeeelicious. plus, kids eat free on the weekends! sounds like we're all about the "kids eat free" these days. free is free, but i'll take free gateway over free IHOP anyday!
we promised piper a special treat if she was obedient while we ate dinner. she was, so for her special treat, we went to west des moines' free zoo!
this little guy was just roaming free when we got there.
he was so cute and soft.

isn't this the most gorgeous rabbit? i wish you could see it in person. i kind of think rabbits are dumb pets, but this rabbit was beautiful and his coat was sooo soft. i was scared to touch him but mr. arganbright promised me he wouldn't bite.

they also had lots of fish in incredible neon colors.

i'm not really an animal person, but i think i had as much fun as piper!
we'll definitely be going back.
also, while we were there, a group of employees (all women) were standing around near the puppies. one of them is a labor/delivery nurse. she asked me how far along i was and she told me they were all saying how healthy and pretty i looked! i was so flattered and humbled they would make a point to tell me that. it was such a wonderful compliment from complete strangers!
amazing how easily you can improve someone's attitude with a few simple words. i'm going to try to compliment at least one person every day. so watch out, yours may be coming soon!
p.s. the nurse also bet that i'd deliver at about 37 weeks. i hope she's right!!!


our saturday continued...
after we played with the parachute for a while, i went to check on our lilac bush. the blossoms are already starting to wilt, but the scent has grown stronger.
there i discovered a wonderful suprise...

for some reason, this nest was so striking to me. the way it's so intricately woven, perfectly round and secure. it was suprisingly deep, probably 4-5 inches. and the eggs! that blue is unmatched in nature. so pure and rich, totally unique.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


after a long, draining week, it was so nice to have a beautiful day with nothing to do but be together.
we did all kinds of fun stuff, so stay tuned.

in the morning we hung out at the farmer's market.
i rested when we got home and later found these two playing outside...

they invited me to join...

we played Rip Up The Grass and Throw it on Each Other...

mr. arganbright lost...

guess who won?

then it was snack-time...

supposedly grass is really high in fiber.

i love this face...
God knew i needed this day.

Friday, May 15, 2009


right now i'm ignoring the cries of my daughter who's been banished to her crib until mr. arganbright gets home. we had another poop incident. not a good one. (more like this one and this one.) i got angry and then burst into tears. now i'm sitting in bed thinking about how crying is stupid 'cause it's not helping anything. and i'm still mad. it's hard to feel mad at your daughter, but it doesn't necessarily take the anger away. i hate reading instructional books (like: How to Make Your Kid Not Spread Poo Everywhere), but i know i need to read something to figure out this potty training business. and by "business" i really wanna say bull*%#! and i feel overwhelmed because i don't really have time to commit to hardcore potty-training right now. in a few weeks i'll only be working 2 days a week instead of four, so maybe i can hold out until then. but i can't handle anymore of this.
so much for yesterday's stinky step forward. today we took some major steps back.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


piper in progress:

you may be asking yourself, is that what i think it is?
yes, yes it is.
lately, piper has been sitting on her potty fully-clothed (and diapered) to go poop. this afternoon i found her sitting in there, so i pulled down her pants and told her to try to push her poop into the potty. she pushed & grunted for a bit and gave it a good try, but nothing came.
i put her diaper back on and went to make dinner.
mr. arganbright came home and at some point piper took her diaper off and was talking about going "poo-poo." he took her to the potty but got nothing. after that she was running around bare-bummed and it was so adorable, we just let her roam free for a while. all of a sudden she made a mad-dash for the potty, and as she ran, she left a little trail behind her.

i'd say that's a stinky step in the right direction!


you may have noticed i haven't posted many wear pics lately.
it's not because i haven't been wearing anything.
i'm just feeling pretty chunked-out these days so i've been ignoring this part of my blog.
yell at me all you want, joseph, it's just how i feel! :)
but for old time's sake, this is what i'm wearing today...
t-shirt: alternative apparel
tank: j.crew
jeans: gap maternity
woven cuff: super-old forever 21


yesterday i had the dreaded glucose test.
for any non-moms out there, the glucose test is one of the many joys of being pregnant (for me it ranks just below mass cellulite and raging heartburn). after fasting for four hours, you get to drink this thick, syrupy orange drink then wait another hour to have your blood drawn. it determines whether you have gestational diabetes. or, more importantly, whether you have to stop eating ben & jerry's for breakfast. i was a little nervous about this test because recently 5 women i know have failed this test. if you fail it, you have to take a more extensive test (like, 10 hours extensive) that is, apparently, pretty awful.
but...i passed!
so in celebration, i bought this monstrosity at walmart...
i actually laughed out loud when i saw it. sour patch kids have been my weakness throughout this pregnancy, but i've never seen them in such mass quantity.
this is my favorite part:
FYI: two pounds of sour patch kids is great to share.
prooooobly don't wanna eat them all yourself.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i think piper loves the von maur sale room as much as i do.
she always picks red shoes.


mr. arganbright had guard duty this past weekend, but these beauties arrived just in time to wish me Happy Mother's Day...

oh, and i still had breakfast in bed...
i just had to get up and make it first.