Monday, April 13, 2009


weekend wears:
saturday i took advantage of piper's naptime and mr. a's day off to go to a place i would never take either of them: HOBBY LOBBY! i needed to get matting for a frame, but i also got a few other surprises (for future blogging)! they have really great sales and some cute decorative items. i forget that it's not all scrapbooking supplies and paint-by-numbers. this is what i wore that day...
cardigan: j.crew
white tank: gap outlet
pink tank: j.crew
jeans: gap maternity
leather cuff: super-old, from the buckle
sandals: urban outfitters (they have a TON of cute, affordable sandals!)
sunday we went to church and enjoyed lots of easter celebration (aka: food). my mouth is watering just thinking about the meal we had! i need to start hosting family gatherings so i can keep some of the left-overs! this is what i wore...
cardigan & t-shirt: j.crew
tank: gap maternity
pants: von maur
espadrilles: gap outlet


  1. I noticed you removed who you worked for, I didn't realize the "blogging ban" was company wide. I thought it was just our store! I think it's silly.

  2. yeah, i was surprised it came up when i was last at work. i think there are probably just a few blogs that have caused all thr ruckus, but better safe than sorry!


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