Thursday, April 02, 2009


i've been in a bit of an outfit rut.
my mind had switched to springy-summerwear, but lately the weather has forced me to return to my muted winter wardrobe. blech!
i thought we'd moved beyond wool and black and scarves worn out of necessity. i want cotton and pink and sandals!
anyway, here's what i wore today:

jacket: topshop
scarf: j.crew
top: j.crew
tank: gap maternity
jeans: ebay
shoes: these from von maur
double chin: second trimester
sheepish expression: akwardness left-over from jr. high


  1. in a chandler-esque tone: "could you BE any more cuter?"

    word verification: shinant. which makes me think it is the lastest, greatest cuss word.

    oh, shinant!

  2. You do look way cute, like all of the time. I'm lovin' the jacket ;-)


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