Monday, April 13, 2009


on saturday morning mr. arganbright went on a coffee run while i made breakfast. i didn't see him come in, but he surprised me with my favorite donut (totally plain, toasted, dunked in coffee), yum!
i continued to cook breakfast (the donut was just round one), but i kept noticing this strong, sweet fragrance. i almost asked mr. a about it but i got distracted when the bacon started to burn. after about 5 more minutes, i went to set breakfast on the table and discovered my sweet-smelling surprise, complete with home-made card...
they'd been right there the whole time and somehow i hadn't seen them!


  1. Mr. Arganbright--he is such a rock star.

  2. He is so sweet. I LOVE Hyacinth, they small amazing!

  3. yes! the fragrance has literally filled our whole house! (i'm knew you would know what they're called...i thought they were lilacs:)


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