Thursday, April 02, 2009


three posts in a row, i know. but...

i had to share this with you.
i gasped when i realized what i was seeing!
this is officially the start of my Must See Before Death List.
*hopefully i didn't build it up too much, but i promise it's worth a click!


  1. That's crazy looking! I'd love to see that too but I kind of agree with the first comment on that blog under the picture!

  2. That is amazing. Yes, it should be added to everyone's bucket list.

    Sooo, I found a picture of a wall that I thought you would appreciate, but I can't take a screen shot and couldn't find it on the original website (Urban Outfitters), but you can see it here:

    Just scroll down to "urban appeal" posted on the 30th of March. Go slowly, though, because you won't want to miss the lovely knit arm warmers on the way. And if you keep going, you can see the amazing butterfly art made from "reclaimed crockery" and then the first dress posted from Emily Ryan and then the amazing tissue paper flowers made from vintage sewing patterns. Yes. Don't miss any of that.

    Speaking of Urban Outfitters, I am adding the Wizard of Oz tumblers and the "Let's Make Pie" tea towel to my wish list. I think I'll hold off on The Cannabis Cookbook for now. But that's just me.


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