Wednesday, April 29, 2009


anyone getting married soon? katie & tony? joseph & joey? hehe, no pressure. rush to your nearest wally-world and stock up on martha stewart's adoooorable wedding line!
seriously, i'm about to tell mr. arganbright i wanna get re-married (to him, of course) so i can plan another wedding on the cheap! is a 4-yr. anniversary reason enough to renew your vows? if i were tori spelling, drew barrymore, or britney spears the answer would be: yes, yes yes!
i discovered her new line yesterday while piper & i were loading up on bouncy balls and bubbles. however, so as not to look like the shot-gun bride with a toddler in tow, planning a walmart wedding; i hurried down the aisle, flashing my left-hand as much as possible. they don't have as much online as they do in the stores, but here are some goodies they do have online...
for a cute eyelet themed wedding:

for a pretty bell theme:

my favorite was a polka-dots theme.
unfortunately, they hardly had any of it online, but these give you the gist of how cute it is:


  1. OOoooh, the eyelet ones are CUTE and I love the pop of color with the polka dots! Don't worry, ring or no ring... i'm still stock-piling ideas like crazy. haha! and i don't care if she is an ex-con, martha rocks. :)

  2. The polka dots would be super cute for a 3rd birthday party (can't be 2nd since you already have her stuff for this year)!!

    I triple love the eyelet stuff. The bell stuff not so much. Those honeycomb bells are weird...unless you are going for a retro bell theme.

  3. yeah, good call on the paper bells, a little retro-trash. but the invites and programs for the bell theme were really cute.

  4. Cute, cute, cute!

    But no wedding anytime soon for us.


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