Monday, April 27, 2009


warning: post only interesting for moms, soontobe moms, or wannabe moms.
i love this website!

if i needed a crib set (and could afford these prices) i would totally shop here. they have mini collections of fabric that you can choose from and design your own bedding set. this is what i designed:

a little wild for a nursery, but i like it. the sheet is the exact color of newborn poo, so you'd never have to worry about stains!
and really, for a custom-made crib set, the prices really aren't bad. cheaper than other sets i've seen. i discovered this here.


  1. i fall into the category of wannabe. and think those sets are really cute!

    ps, this comment code word is "fardine"

    ... are they too mature to say farting?


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