Tuesday, April 21, 2009


just to clarify that i still have undying, unconditional love for my little poop-spreader;
a few more things that i love about piper:

11. she thinks burps and toots are funny. sure, i probably shouldn't encourage this behavior but i kind of think burps and toots are funny, so we just laugh together.
12. she adopted this gross, rubbery, worm-looking toy and named him animal. he gets his own blankie and pacifier and he gets tucked in his own bed every night.
13. she loves to be outside and play in the dirt. i'm pretty girly, so i'm glad that between the two of us, mr. arganbright and i are raising a pretty well-rounded girl.
14. she has classified her punishments into two categories: spankings and owie spankings based on how bad the offense is. (guess which kind she got yesterday?)
15. she has this strange little obsession with "monters" (monsters). she'll look out the window and with wide-eyes say, "oh, tarry monters out dare, mommy?!" i'll look and (obviously) not see any. so then she'll say, "baby monters out dare, mommy?" like, there are definitely monsters outside but maybe they're just baby monsters and not scary monsters. this exchange happens at least once a day. always makes me laugh.


  1. She is totally ADORABLE despite the poop smearing!!

  2. These jams would be perfect for Piper...

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