Friday, April 03, 2009


a reader/friend (whose name happens to be cinnamon! for real! i love it.) sent me a link to this wall display from urban outfitters that she thought i'd like. and, given my obvious obsession with wall collages, she was right! so i found these cute (and cheap!) thingys to add to our bedroom wall collage:

so, the letters are a bit random. they were very on-sale so the selection was a bit odd (somehow i couldn't come up with any meaningul words to spell with the letters J, B, K, U, R, E) so i chose these because i like the print of the B and the color of the U. i'll separate them on the wall so it doesn't look like i'm trying to say "Be You" in ebonics.
here's the wall's current state:

i also have a new poster from my friend miss K in the works for this wall. i think it's almost done and i can't wait to show you!
i think this would look good up there too,
but i'll have to see if it goes on sale.


  1. *clap*

    You don't necessarily have to put it on the wall in the "U" position. It could be a little green hill.

    Word Verification: wantot


  2. We need to shop together. Maybe your coolness will rub off on me.


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