Tuesday, April 07, 2009


i've been thinking i may need to invest in an actual diaper bag.
with piper i've used this great structured tote bag that i got at the gap for $20. it's been the perfect size and is neutral enough that mr. arganbright doesn't mind using it. plus, (my favorite feature) it looks nothing like a diaper bag! no winnie the pooh appliques, no pastel pinks or blues, and no swishy, waterproof materials. just a cute, durable bag that goes with everything i wear (a mild concern of mine...). but, realizing that i'm going to be toting around diapers, bottles, and extra clothing for two tots has forced me to check out the wild-world of (mostly hideous) diaper bags.
representing all that i hate about diaper bags:

but, i actually found my dream diaper bag!

olive green (my favorite color), only swishy on the inside (no outer evidence that it can withstand spilled breast milk or spraying pee), and neutral enough for both parents to confidently carry! the pricetag is its only downfall...sigh!

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  1. Cute Winnie bag...I think I will buy it for you...Oh, wait...that is NOT the bag you want...maybe I should read more closely...Ugh. I hate characters on anything.

    Picked up Juice today...saw your sheepish grin in all its glory! You are TOO freaking cute, oh marvelous style maven!!


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