Tuesday, April 21, 2009


friday night we went to the first home game of the I cubs season. the weather was perfect and, though neither mr. arganbright nor i care a lick about baseball, it was really fun. we went with six other couples and almost every gal is pregnant! 6 big bellies in a row. and the food! i think our section alone made their food-sales goal for the evening.
i had a great time chatting with the heavily intoxicated woman sitting in front of me. we discussed having kids (she has one and her boyfriend has five, which she teased him about), being married to your baby-daddy (she'd never heard of this trend), and the guy down in front who was getting escorted out for being drunk & unruly (who would dare?). she may not remember our chat, but it helped me make it through the last couple innings.
this is us, after the game (hence the nappy hair):

have i mentioned mr. arganbright is a foot taller than me?
i'll let him take the self-portrait next time.

night we watched piper's cousin, averi for the evening. they are exactly one month apart (may 8th & june 8th) and are so funny together. mr. arganbright and i had to run an errand, so we packed both girls in the car and got a little glimpse of life with twins. they were so cute together, holding hands in the car, sharing and stealing each other's toys, laughing and chasing each other. we decided to grab a bite to eat at IHOP because we were driving past and noticed "kids eat free!" plus we figured there'd be plenty of crazies there to take the attention off of us if the girls went wild. it was a decent meal (maybe a step up from perkins?), and with free crayons and plenty of food--the girls were really well-behaved. (not that anyone would've noticed. there was a wacko sitting behind us being all loud & getting himself thrown out.) here's mr. a. & piper coloring...

and little averi sat next to me...

anyway, it was a fun weekend with plenty of crazies to keep us entertained!

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