Thursday, April 16, 2009


so, i ordered the monokini.
i know, i know, most of you hate it. but mr.arganbright really liked it see "update" below! if it's gross & weird, i promise it'll go straight back to the mailbox. but, we'll see. all this is extremely premature as i won't be caught dead in a tankini, monokini, or fullbodykini til at least next summer. but i digress...
anyway, before i placed my order i went to
if you aren't familiar with this site (or others like it), it is basically an online shopper's coupon book. thousands and thousands of websites have coupon "codes" that you can enter at checkout to receive discounts, free shipping, or other free stuff. for example, the bathing suit was listed (on sale) for $25.99. i found three coupon codes that applied to my order:
-one was for 25% off
-one was for $6.00 shipping
-one was for a free tote bag.
so, in the end, i got the bathing suit for $19.49, plus shipping for $5.99 (not exactly a screamin' deal, but still...) plus a free tote bag!
my total came to $26.49.
only $1.50 more than the sale price of the suit alone.
i think that's a pretty good deal!
moral of the story is...
always check before you purchase anything online!


  1. thank you, thank you, thank you for this link! it's sure to pay off BIG TIME!

    p.s. i also like the monokini, so mr. seth is not off his rocker, well about this anyway. haha ;)

  2. I'm just glad you didn't order that last one. Am I the only one who thinks the front looks like something from an old photo of a little girl in an old stretched out bathing suit????

  3. haha, i think it would look cute on someone who's not 5'11" and 85 pounds!


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