Monday, April 13, 2009


this was our first memorable easter with piper. on saturday night we had a little easter egg hunt and dinner with the mr. arganbright's side of the family. we set up the hunt and while we were waiting for all the other kids, piper found a basket and helped herself to the plunder! it was hilarous, no one had to tell her what to do! we re-hid her eggs and she had a blast tracking them down again.

on sunday we had lunch with my side of the family and another easter egg hunt. all the kids were in their little easter outfits, so cute. i was surprised at how fun it was--all the easter festivities. it's been years since i had an easter basket of my own or got to race through a yard looking for eggs. it's so much better watching your child experience it for the first time.


  1. How precious. I can't wait to have kids some day :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Look at her piggies! So cute!!!

  3. So cute! I'm glad to hear you say having kids and watching them do things, makes it fun again. I'm thinking about getting a kid...just so I can ride childrens' roller coasters, go crazy with Christmas decorations and presents, and play on the playground without looking like a creeper. ;-)


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