Tuesday, April 07, 2009


part of the reason we decided to find out the sex of the baby was so we could plan out where everyone was going to sleep. our house has two bedrooms and we've always planned to finish another bedroom in the basement, but the question was, whose?

mr. arganbright thought it'd be nice to have our bedroom down there, but selfishly, i want to stay upstairs with my windows. we will have to put in egress windows, but it's just not the same. i reasoned that neither child will care about being down there and will probably sleep better in the cool, dark basement. (i don't need to hear about fire hazards, i've already had the conversation enough times to build an indestructible defense. so, don't bother.)

anyway, since we found out we are having a girl we figured we'd keep the newby upstairs in the girly nursery and make piper a "big girl" room in the basement. i found this adorable bedding set from dwellstudio for Target for $13.74!!! and this 5x8 wool rug for $45! amazing. i knew she'd love the farm stuff, and the colors are fun and bright.

unfortunately, what i didn't know, was our address.
i, in a moment of sheer prenatal genius, had the stuff shipped to our dear neighbors who kindly rejected the delivery and sent it back to Targetland. unfortunately, they can't just send it back out to me. i have to completely re-order it. but fortunately i got a full refund for my idiocy.
the bedding and rug are still available but now i'm hesitant to re-order! if, by some crazy chance, we had a boy, all that stuff would be a complete waste because we'd keep piper upstairs and i wouldn't be able to return it. i don't have any reason to believe the ultrasound tech was wrong (and my psychic had a vision that confirmed it :), but i'm a little paranoid because it happened to our best friends last year and i've heard it's more common for them to tell you it's a girl and it actually be a boy. i'm pretty sure we have to have another ultrasound in 5-7 weeks to see if the placenta is heading north, so i think i'll wait until then to order anything.

i promise, i'm not holding out hope that we're having a boy.
i really am excited to have another little bundle of sugar and spice, but until we know for suresuresure, i'm not risking $80 on it!

when it is confirmed that we're having another girl, i also want to get these cuties for piper's new room. Target's having great
furniture clearance right now!

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  1. Great entry!
    We would've received the stuff for you!
    (It's "whose" as in "Whose shoes?" "Who's" is a contraction for "Who is" as in "Who's paying the dues?")


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