Thursday, April 30, 2009


i'm going nuts for crewcuts!
these are the outfits i want to wear....

i don't even think it would satisfy to live vicariously through piper.
j.crew just needs to make this stuff in my size!


last week we had lots of sunshine-y days outside...

good for digging in the dirt...

and blowing bubbles...

this week has been gloomy and wet...

we're resigned to playing in mud puddles...
and swimming in our indoor pool...

the unfortunate stress of potty training has driven piper to some bad habits...


yesterday i hung these in piper's room...
i plan to paint a little border around them in the same burgundy as her loop-de-loo's. here are the border options, they're all pretty similar...
option 1

option 2

option 3

option 4
option 5

which one would you pick?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


anyone getting married soon? katie & tony? joseph & joey? hehe, no pressure. rush to your nearest wally-world and stock up on martha stewart's adoooorable wedding line!
seriously, i'm about to tell mr. arganbright i wanna get re-married (to him, of course) so i can plan another wedding on the cheap! is a 4-yr. anniversary reason enough to renew your vows? if i were tori spelling, drew barrymore, or britney spears the answer would be: yes, yes yes!
i discovered her new line yesterday while piper & i were loading up on bouncy balls and bubbles. however, so as not to look like the shot-gun bride with a toddler in tow, planning a walmart wedding; i hurried down the aisle, flashing my left-hand as much as possible. they don't have as much online as they do in the stores, but here are some goodies they do have online...
for a cute eyelet themed wedding:

for a pretty bell theme:

my favorite was a polka-dots theme.
unfortunately, they hardly had any of it online, but these give you the gist of how cute it is:

Monday, April 27, 2009


warning: post only interesting for moms, soontobe moms, or wannabe moms.
i love this website!

if i needed a crib set (and could afford these prices) i would totally shop here. they have mini collections of fabric that you can choose from and design your own bedding set. this is what i designed:

a little wild for a nursery, but i like it. the sheet is the exact color of newborn poo, so you'd never have to worry about stains!
and really, for a custom-made crib set, the prices really aren't bad. cheaper than other sets i've seen. i discovered this here.

Friday, April 24, 2009


yesterday piper and i were hanging out on the front porch, watching the cars go by.
we decided to do a little home improvement project:
mr. arganbright had taken down the rusty old railing on our porch, but it left behind these little holes.


don't they look much better filled with flowers* to welcome our guests?

*in trying to protect our real flowers, we've convinced piper that dandelions are the best flowers of all. she can pick as many as she wants.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


friday night we went to the first home game of the I cubs season. the weather was perfect and, though neither mr. arganbright nor i care a lick about baseball, it was really fun. we went with six other couples and almost every gal is pregnant! 6 big bellies in a row. and the food! i think our section alone made their food-sales goal for the evening.
i had a great time chatting with the heavily intoxicated woman sitting in front of me. we discussed having kids (she has one and her boyfriend has five, which she teased him about), being married to your baby-daddy (she'd never heard of this trend), and the guy down in front who was getting escorted out for being drunk & unruly (who would dare?). she may not remember our chat, but it helped me make it through the last couple innings.
this is us, after the game (hence the nappy hair):

have i mentioned mr. arganbright is a foot taller than me?
i'll let him take the self-portrait next time.

night we watched piper's cousin, averi for the evening. they are exactly one month apart (may 8th & june 8th) and are so funny together. mr. arganbright and i had to run an errand, so we packed both girls in the car and got a little glimpse of life with twins. they were so cute together, holding hands in the car, sharing and stealing each other's toys, laughing and chasing each other. we decided to grab a bite to eat at IHOP because we were driving past and noticed "kids eat free!" plus we figured there'd be plenty of crazies there to take the attention off of us if the girls went wild. it was a decent meal (maybe a step up from perkins?), and with free crayons and plenty of food--the girls were really well-behaved. (not that anyone would've noticed. there was a wacko sitting behind us being all loud & getting himself thrown out.) here's mr. a. & piper coloring...

and little averi sat next to me...

anyway, it was a fun weekend with plenty of crazies to keep us entertained!


t-shirt: j.crew
tank: gap maternity
scarf: j.crew
jeans: gap maternity
earrings: forever 21
flip flops: j.crew
piper and i went to the mall to check out the motherhood maternity store. not as bad as i expected--i actually got a perfect pair of skinny, black, comfy pants for $20. they are probably meant to be capris for normal people, but they're the perfect length for me! and i got a pair of drumroll please...
maternity spanx!!!
not familiar? picture super-sexy, flesh colored, bike shorts with a full belly panel. oh yeah, baby. i got them to wear under dresses because i have a few non-maternity dresses that i'd still like to wear, but not without some support & coverage for my bumps (front and back).
my bumps, my bumps, my lovely lady lumps.
haha, i know there're some fergie fans out there. or maybe alanis is more your style...


just to clarify that i still have undying, unconditional love for my little poop-spreader;
a few more things that i love about piper:

11. she thinks burps and toots are funny. sure, i probably shouldn't encourage this behavior but i kind of think burps and toots are funny, so we just laugh together.
12. she adopted this gross, rubbery, worm-looking toy and named him animal. he gets his own blankie and pacifier and he gets tucked in his own bed every night.
13. she loves to be outside and play in the dirt. i'm pretty girly, so i'm glad that between the two of us, mr. arganbright and i are raising a pretty well-rounded girl.
14. she has classified her punishments into two categories: spankings and owie spankings based on how bad the offense is. (guess which kind she got yesterday?)
15. she has this strange little obsession with "monters" (monsters). she'll look out the window and with wide-eyes say, "oh, tarry monters out dare, mommy?!" i'll look and (obviously) not see any. so then she'll say, "baby monters out dare, mommy?" like, there are definitely monsters outside but maybe they're just baby monsters and not scary monsters. this exchange happens at least once a day. always makes me laugh.

Monday, April 20, 2009


or more apropriately: do-do.

another poop experience with piper this morning.
ugh. this may be a short post because i hardly have words.

mr. arganbright found her this time. i overheard him sounding confused as he got her up this morning,
"what happened? how did you get poop all over?"
i knew exactly what happened. i pretended to be asleep, wishing it was all a weird pregnant dream. sadly, it was just the recurring nightmare that is potty-training. after a few guilty minutes i left the comfort of my warm, sanitary bed to see if he needed help.

she had taken off her pajamas, again.
pulled the poop out of her diaper, again.
smeared it all over, again.

this time she was in her crib. it was all over her blankets, her crib, and this was on her face. around her mouth. sick.sick.sick. i can't even think about it. i tried to get her to tell me if she'd put any in her mouth. she said no and i took her word for it 'cause i really didn't want to know if she was lying.

spanking, bath, time-out, laundry. all before 8:15 a.m.

i left her naked after the bath because i've heard from multiple sources that the best way to potty train is to leave them naked at home because they won't just pee without a diaper on. well, we proved that theory wrong. five minutes after she got out of time-out she peed all over the kitchen floor.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


so, i ordered the monokini.
i know, i know, most of you hate it. but mr.arganbright really liked it see "update" below! if it's gross & weird, i promise it'll go straight back to the mailbox. but, we'll see. all this is extremely premature as i won't be caught dead in a tankini, monokini, or fullbodykini til at least next summer. but i digress...
anyway, before i placed my order i went to
if you aren't familiar with this site (or others like it), it is basically an online shopper's coupon book. thousands and thousands of websites have coupon "codes" that you can enter at checkout to receive discounts, free shipping, or other free stuff. for example, the bathing suit was listed (on sale) for $25.99. i found three coupon codes that applied to my order:
-one was for 25% off
-one was for $6.00 shipping
-one was for a free tote bag.
so, in the end, i got the bathing suit for $19.49, plus shipping for $5.99 (not exactly a screamin' deal, but still...) plus a free tote bag!
my total came to $26.49.
only $1.50 more than the sale price of the suit alone.
i think that's a pretty good deal!
moral of the story is...
always check before you purchase anything online!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


update: though it got mostly negative reviews, mr. arganbright's favorite was the MONOKINI! ha! i may just order it since it's cheap and he got all drooly when he saw it. (i'm sure the drool had nothing to do with the VS model...) but don't worry, i'm watching the juicy couture suit like a hawk. if that baby goes on sale--it's mine!

i am forever-bound to wearing one-piece bathing suits after this happened...

april 2007
i'm totally okay with that, but i'm not okay with wearing something boring or matronly just because i want to be a bit more covered up. lately i've discovered there are some adorable options out there, but they are pricey, pricey, pricey!

juicy couture via nordstrom:

okay, so technically there are two pieces here, but i think i could get away with it.

kushcush via
couture candy:
the print on this suit is herringbone! pink herringbone! so cute.

loeffler randall via shopbop:
this is probably way too chic for the neighborhood pool, but i love it!

victoria's secret:

this one is actually affordable ($25.99!), but i'm still not sure how i feel about the whole "monokini" trend. (and i hate that word.) but, as far as monokinis go, i think this one is pretty cute.

marysia via couture candy:

i think this one is my favorite, i love the color combination.

isn't the back cute?