Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i think if i could have a dream discount anywhere, it would be to frye.
this morning while perusing their website, i sounded like a scratched rachel zoe record,
i die, i die, i die, i die!
anyway, everything in the world of frye is totally out of my price-range, but if i had my dream discount, i'd wear their shoes year-round.
s p r i n g

s u m m e r

f a l l

w i n t e r

where would you have your dream discount?


  1. if i could have my dream discount it would be to the China baby store. if they had such a store.

    i might be able to settle for "fall" shoes in the meantime.

  2. it used to be Banana but not anymore. i hardly ever even step foot in there. i don't shop online as much as you- i'd probably pick some high end baby or home store!

  3. for me...sephora, hair, makeup and body products! yes please and thank you.

  4. After much deliberation I would want a dream discount Draper's and Damon's...just kidding. (That won't be funny at all if you don't know what that store is.)

    Seriously, I would want the dream discount at the company that owns Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, William-Sonoma and William-Sonoma Home.

  5. I noticed those flats were on sale at shopbop.com. Thought I'd let you know.


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