Monday, March 23, 2009


weekend wearrior
i had a birthday this past week, so friday night we went out with some friends to celebrate at raccoon river brewery. i figured they'd have good beer (for everyone else's enjoyment), but didn't expect them to have such great food! there were quite a few menu items that i was torn between, but i settled on a "beef tips cabernet" pasta dish. it had really great flavor and a nice kick to it. i also highly recommend their "ojo caliente" pizza. miss k ordered it and let me try a piece. it has grilled chicken, cilantro pesto sauce, jalapenos and quacamole on top. and she gave me the best birthday gift of the night--her leftovers! anyway, we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and had a lot of fun. this is what i wore...

cardigan j.crew
striped tank j.crew
solid tank gap maternity
jeans express, thrifted
shoes target
bangles f21 and j.crew
the next morning, mr. arganbright took me out to brunch. we went to star bar on ingersoll. at first it was just us and a few older people, but about halfway through our meal it started to fill up. really great food there as well. i had cheesy grits with shrimp and two eggs over-easy. yummmm, a good southern breakfast! this is what i wore that day...

jacket j.crew
dress gap outlet
sandals gap outlet
later mr. arganbright took me to pick out some sun-glasses. i had a bit of birthday money and he filled in the rest. these have to last me a looong time, so i chose this classic:

after that, we drove out to his parents' house and had a gorgeous evening around the campfire. we roasted hot-dogs, had dill-potato salad, and fruit salad. that might've been the best meal yet! haha, i guess you know you're really pregnant when your birthday revolves around food!


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