Thursday, March 26, 2009


if you're in the market for "home" stuff, check out pottery barn and the company store! both are having really good sales right now. since it's clearance, the selection is a bit random (esp. at the company store), but they have some great holiday items for cheapcheapcheap! and pottery barn is never cheap, but you might see an awesome deal.
here's what's hanging out in my cart at
i think this picture would be the perfect addition to the wall "collage" in our living room!
and i'd love to layer this rug under the floral rug,
i think the yellow would really cheery-up the room!


  1. I totally have that same numbers picture picked out for our nursery! It's so huge that I'm wondering if it will overwhelm the place, but it's way cool and such a good price. And I love Piper's room-you are so good at decorating!

  2. I could totally make you those numbers ya know...


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