Friday, March 13, 2009


hunger finally drove me out of bed around noon. (i tried calling room service, but apparently you actually have to be staying in the hotel.) so, piper and i headed to our favorite local spot: d.r. deli. yummmmm! a trip to d.r. isn't complete without at stop at v.m. that's right, von maur! we checked out the baby stuff and scored an adorable $4 t-shirt for cousin b. then we looked at some gorgeous clothes that are all at least thrice as much as i'd like to pay. but we saved the best for! and piper, this little girl after my own heart, saw me trying on some adorable pink flats and said, "piper try on? piper try shoe on?"
cutest. thing. evah. so i got her out of her stroller, pulled out my camera, and, thrilled with the pink-patent-mini-gold-studded michael kors flats, piper did a little dance...


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