Monday, March 16, 2009


if you've ever been pregnant, you've experienced that big lump in your throat. the one you try to swallow, maybe fighting back tears. not from overwhelming love, or a great sense of purpose or joy...
i'm talking prenatal vitamins.
those marble-sized, burp-inducing, herb-y tasting pills you're supposed to take for at least nine months (and longer if you're nursing). i'm sure they're not a big deal for some people.
i, however, am not one of those people. i know my sensitivity to smells and my gag reflex are heightened because of being pregnant, but i can hardly even stand the sight of the big honkin' things.
i'm pretty good about taking them for the first trimester, but after that, my consistency wains and i just start praying that my child isn't born with a third nipple or webbed toes.

through our insurance, i'm assigned a nurse that i can call 24 hrs. a day if i have any questions. she calls once a month to ask a few questions and make sure things are going okay. (obviously out of deep care and concern for me and not at all to ensure i won't cost Wellmark any more than necessary.) i admitted that i wasn't great about taking the prenatals, expecting her to say it wasn't really a big deal.
uuh, i was wrong. i got an earful about how i could pass out, i would become anemic, and that my head was going to fall off. she told me to take Flinstones if i had to, but that i had to take something.
yesterday at target i found the answer to my prayers....
they are actually for adults and are sooo yummy! i forced myself to stop after i ate enough to make up for the past two months.
bye-bye anemia, hello SuperPreggers!

which would you rather take?


  1. Man, they always give Mary a lot of credit for birthing Jesus in a barn. But really, we should give her credit for enduring passing out headless and anemic while bearing our Lord.

    So, maybe I'm a vitamin skeptic in general, but I'm glad you found/shared your good solution so I can use it (in the distant future). Are you alternating flavors or taking them all at once?

  2. I hated my giant horse pill prenatal vitamin. They gave me weird burps. But once I started taking it before bed it got alot easier.

    Yay for finding an alternative. Looks yummy!

  3. i've been more aware of my neglect of my own prenatals since we talked about it. i better go buy the gummies too. has to be better than none, right??!


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