Monday, March 09, 2009


10 things i love about you:

1. overhearing her sing to herself in another room. it's so sweet to hear her little voice warbling away. sometimes it's a song she's making up, sometimes it's one we can identify.
2. she touches her chin and says "prick-ly" each time seth and his whiskers kiss her goodnight.
3. for some reason, she likes being barefoot all the time. even when her feet are icy cold.
4. she already has her own style and opinions on what to wear.
ex: crocs are her favorite shoes right now. that did not come from my gene pool!
5. she lays on her tummy to get as close as possible to the picture she's drawing or coloring. she takes her time and works so carefully on each scribble.
6. she'll mention "baby noise" (what we call hearing the baby's heart-beat) every few days, like she's thinking about the baby.
7. her hair gets super-curly after a long nap or a bath.
8. she loves music and wants it on all the time.
9. she'll randomly list everyone's name in our whole family (relatives included), like she's thinking about each person.
10. when i find her, all alone, sitting in her rocking chair looking at books.


  1. Oh my gosh Bethany, so true! I love a lot of those things too! I just love "spying" on them when they are talking themselves or reading to themselves. What a beautiful post!
    Hope all is well in your household, and it would be wonderful to see you guys sometime!

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