Thursday, March 19, 2009

as life has been a little busy around here, i thought i'd do a big post on lots of little things...

wearing things:

so, you may have seen the cool thing i get to do for Juice. to explain that a little: a couple weeks ago i got a call from J.Crew asking if they could give out my number to someone at Juice magazine. (btw, magazine? newspaper? newsmag?) i said, sure! about 90 seconds later, my phone rang and it was Brianne Sanchez, one of their writers. she said one of her blog readers (who i later found out was miss k) nominated me to do a "style diary" for their style section. she needed someone to take photos of their outfits every day for a week and explain about their personal style choices. i told her i was flattered, but i wasn't sure if the baby bump would appeal to the majority of their audience. we talked a little longer and she assured me i was the right person (and the only one nominated, ha!) for the job. the story won't run until april 8th, and i don't know how big or small it'll be, but it was a lot of fun and i'm excited to see the final product!

seeing things:

we got to see our baby girl yesterday! it was so fun. mr. arganbright and piper were there and she just kept saying "baby! baby noise!" the whole time. she would climb up on the chair next to me and lay her head on my chest or hold my cheeks in both hands or rub my hair and face, it was so so sweet. the tech showed us 3- and 4-d images, which were really cool. i think this little girl is already "blessed" with my forehead! the tech also pointed out that i have "marginal" placenta previa. which means the placenta is covering the cervix a little bit (i think?) and if it doesn't move upward (which they're pretty sure it will), i would probably have to have a c-section. i'm not worried about it because they told me not to be. but if it were up to me, i would rather not have a c-section. pray that the placenta gets out of the way!

dreaming things:
thanks to this tip from Making it Lovely, i got piper a toddler bed from walmart for the dreamy price of $13.50!!! i also found two bed-side tables for $50. even mr. arganbright was impressed because they're actually solid wood.

thinking things:

mr. arganbright and i are thinking about getting one of these for our growing family. more suv than van, more van than wagon, more wagon than suv. the epitome of crossover.

doing things:

during mr. arganbright's guard weekend, i had some friends over and we gave piper's room some loop-de-loops!

loving things (sort-of):
thanks to some stimuli from mr. obama, we were able to get a new computer! the one we had before was a hand-me-down and served us well, but was getting a little fritzy on us. we just got the new one last night and it seems really nice, but i'm not used to it yet and somehow i keep accidently doing weird stuff as i type. like opening new tabs and browser screens every 5 seconds, selecting (and deleting!) this entire post (thank goodness blogger automatically saves), and zooming in and out of the screen (right now i'm seeing about 50% cause i can't figure out how to set it back). i know all these secret typing codes will probably prove to be very useful someday. for now, they're spooky and annoying. ultimately, i love our new laptop. i just need to learn how to type on it.


  1. Aww, congrats on another beautiful girl! They will be best friends!

  2. Love your blog! Been pouring over it since I saw it on Juice! Love your style!

  3. Oh my goodness. You are famous now!! You have 2 comments from strangers! How exciting! Lol!

    Triple love the white t with green pants and the jumper with pink T and scarf.

    I am SO excited that you are having another girl!! We will pray that your/her placenta will move out of the way!

    Super cool about Piper's bed. When will you think about moving her?

    What kind of car/van/SUV/wagon is that?

    Love the loop de dos!

    And congrats on the new computer!! I love new technology even if it takes me forever to figure it out!!

  4. loveliness, all of it.

    no worries c-sections are a piece of CAKE! :) I had one emergency (not so fun) & one planned---seriously, h-e-a-v-e-n! It was almost a dreamlike experience. for reals.

    either way, we are praying for you for some perfect placenta…i don't think i've ever said that before!

    congrats on the star-dom. jealous? yep, i am.

  5. Yay for well....everything! Congrats on the Juice blog-you ARE so perfect for it! And BIGGER congrats on having another girl (you have to give these Hulling boys someone to date.....or wrestle with) ;)

  6. This is anonymous blogger #2 again. Did you graduate from Johnston? My husband graduated in 2000 and I graduated in 2001. My hubby is in the guard also! He works up there full time getting "warriors" paperwork ready for basic training. Has your husband gone to basic yet?

  7. Thanks for the wall post, I saw it that same night and told everyone here! Everyone says "Yay! Congratulations!" Hope you had a great birthday! I'll call you when we get back!


  8. hi anonymous #2! if you check back, here are your answers!
    1. i only went to johnston my freshman year. you would've been a junior i think? my sister graduated from jhs with your husband. we are former "Ottley" girls :)
    2. mr. arganbright will go to basic in october. maybe he's met your husband!
    3. i'm so glad you like my blog!

    here are your answers manda!
    1. i'm not really sure when to move piper! is there a rule of thumb for this one? i guess sometime before the baby comes so she doesn't resent giving up her crib!
    2. that's an '06 ford freestyle. aka: taurus x. (they changed the name to taurus x in '07 but it's the same car.)

  9. I vaguely remember your sister husband is David Letcher and my maiden name was Kelsey Bell.

    ~not so anonymous anymore #2

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