Thursday, March 26, 2009


this morning, mr. arganbright, piper, and i went to camp dodge to get our insurance switched to tricare. before we were able to do that, i had to be registered in their system and was issued my very own military i.d. this picture is cropped to remove all top-secret information.
and, starting april 1st, our insurance will go from $800 a month to $180 a month for our whole family! and it will be completely free anytime seth is activated.
so, each month he's gone i'll have an extra $180 to shop-away my misery!


  1. Woot woot!! That is awesome!!! And cute

  2. How long did you have to wait at the ID card place? I have sat up there for hours each time. I got my ID confiscated 2 years ago at a military resort in Hawaii because it was expired and still haven't gotten it replaced:) The insurance is awesome !We have Tricare Prime Remote and paid $33 (for food) when I had my baby...not sure how Tricare Select works.

  3. luckily we went at a good time and there was only one person ahead of us. they said sometimes it's an hour or two wait and that they see 700 people a MONTH! isn't that crazy? so i guess we got really lucky, especially since piper was with us!


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