Thursday, March 26, 2009


by the time piper's bed was set up last night, we pretty much just threw a sheet on the mattress & gave her some random blankets. so, this afternoon i moved everything around and now the room is all set for two sweet sisters!

we've been planning to finish a separate room for piper, but this looks so cute, i'm tempted to make them share!


  1. Hello! Found your blog on Juice. The room looks super cute... especially the border and pink ceilings! (At least they look pink in the photo!) Was your inspiration the Eloise books?

  2. thanks! i actuall haven't heard of the eloise books, but with a name like eloise, they must be adorable!!

  3. i LOVE the borders on your walls. i mean the rest of the room is adorable but that is my favorite. did you paint it..stencil it..?

  4. Yay! The room looks so cute! did you decide to abandon the mirrors project for now since it's fuller now? I think it looks perfect! :)


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