Thursday, March 12, 2009


it's official:

mr. arganbright and i have tickets to see
dave matthews band in september!

anyone who's known me for a while may know about a little obsession i have with the dmb. when i read that they were coming to des moines i was shocked. they've never come to des moines! the closest they've been to our dear capital city is ames (and i've made that mini-trek a few times now). anyway, as a member their fan club (uuuh, yes, i'm in the fan club) i got to pre-order* tickets and get priority on seats. the tickets haven't arrived yet, so we won't know exactly where they are, but i'm psyched that for once i won't have sneak my way up front--i'll already be there!
only 197 days to go!

*you can get your tickets on march 14th!


  1. How sad is it that I have never listened to DMB on purpose. EEEK!

  2. What??? I can't believe that blasphemous comment Manda just made. Sheesh.

    Is this the first post you referred to your hubby as Seth, rather than Mr. A? Just keeping up with the details for you :)

  3. haha, oooh, good catch. i knew it'd happen sooner or later. i'll change it!


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