Saturday, March 07, 2009


sorry for being a lazy poster this week. it seems like we've been really busy--but i can't remember why! i do think the decent weather has freed me from some of my hibernation tendencies, so i've been less likely to spend the afternoon blogging away to ignore the drear outside. i doubt drear is a word, but i like it.
tonight we are hosting a dinner for 8 party (basically four couples eating dinner) so we've been super-motivated to get the little randoms done around the house. seth hung closet doors and pictures in the bedrooms. i touched up paint spots and cleaned like it was my job. oh wait...
i'll post some pictures later. for now i've got to get started on dinner prep. we're having chips with homemade guacamole & salsa, chicken & blackbean enchilada casserole, a veggie salad, and a fruit salad. and maybe churros for dessert! (if i'm feeling brave...)

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