Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i think if i could have a dream discount anywhere, it would be to frye.
this morning while perusing their website, i sounded like a scratched rachel zoe record,
i die, i die, i die, i die!
anyway, everything in the world of frye is totally out of my price-range, but if i had my dream discount, i'd wear their shoes year-round.
s p r i n g

s u m m e r

f a l l

w i n t e r

where would you have your dream discount?

Monday, March 30, 2009


remember this little maternity-top i was lusting after?
well, thanks to a little sneakiness from my mom, it's
mine, all mine!
i received it friday night as a belated b-day gift.
thanks, mom! i lurve it.

*picture-posting to follow

Thursday, March 26, 2009


if you're in the market for "home" stuff, check out pottery barn and the company store! both are having really good sales right now. since it's clearance, the selection is a bit random (esp. at the company store), but they have some great holiday items for cheapcheapcheap! and pottery barn is never cheap, but you might see an awesome deal.
here's what's hanging out in my cart at potterybarn.com:
i think this picture would be the perfect addition to the wall "collage" in our living room!
and i'd love to layer this rug under the floral rug,
i think the yellow would really cheery-up the room!


by the time piper's bed was set up last night, we pretty much just threw a sheet on the mattress & gave her some random blankets. so, this afternoon i moved everything around and now the room is all set for two sweet sisters!

we've been planning to finish a separate room for piper, but this looks so cute, i'm tempted to make them share!


this morning, mr. arganbright, piper, and i went to camp dodge to get our insurance switched to tricare. before we were able to do that, i had to be registered in their system and was issued my very own military i.d. this picture is cropped to remove all top-secret information.
and, starting april 1st, our insurance will go from $800 a month to $180 a month for our whole family! and it will be completely free anytime seth is activated.
so, each month he's gone i'll have an extra $180 to shop-away my misery!


for the past few days piper has been asking about the big box in her bedroom. we told her about her "big girl" bed but weren't sure if she was ready for it.
well, last night she asked mr.arganbright to open the big box, so he set up her bed and she spent her first night out of the confines of a crib.
later, i went in to check on her and she was sleeping peacefully, curled up right where we left her.

cue emotional music, quivering lip, streaming tears; total hallmark moment.
i think it would've been easier if she'd thrown a fit about it or gotten out of bed 13 times; but there was none of that.
apparently she really is a big girl.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


piper has taken up a new hobby.

i see stage-mom syndrome in my future!


look at the little swimmers i got from m.m. for my birthday!!!
they make me happy!
here, make yourself

Monday, March 23, 2009


if we had a second-story, i would want my stairs to look like this...
*i saw this on someone else's blog, but now i can't remember whose.
oh! i think it might be here.


weekend wearrior
i had a birthday this past week, so friday night we went out with some friends to celebrate at raccoon river brewery. i figured they'd have good beer (for everyone else's enjoyment), but didn't expect them to have such great food! there were quite a few menu items that i was torn between, but i settled on a "beef tips cabernet" pasta dish. it had really great flavor and a nice kick to it. i also highly recommend their "ojo caliente" pizza. miss k ordered it and let me try a piece. it has grilled chicken, cilantro pesto sauce, jalapenos and quacamole on top. and she gave me the best birthday gift of the night--her leftovers! anyway, we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and had a lot of fun. this is what i wore...

cardigan j.crew
striped tank j.crew
solid tank gap maternity
jeans express, thrifted
shoes target
bangles f21 and j.crew
the next morning, mr. arganbright took me out to brunch. we went to star bar on ingersoll. at first it was just us and a few older people, but about halfway through our meal it started to fill up. really great food there as well. i had cheesy grits with shrimp and two eggs over-easy. yummmm, a good southern breakfast! this is what i wore that day...

jacket j.crew
dress gap outlet
sandals gap outlet
later mr. arganbright took me to pick out some sun-glasses. i had a bit of birthday money and he filled in the rest. these have to last me a looong time, so i chose this classic:

after that, we drove out to his parents' house and had a gorgeous evening around the campfire. we roasted hot-dogs, had dill-potato salad, and fruit salad. that might've been the best meal yet! haha, i guess you know you're really pregnant when your birthday revolves around food!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


check out our before and after on design sponge!

*update for emily: the highchair is by boon. it was a floor-model that we got a great deal on in colorado.
here's one for a not-so-great deal.


as life has been a little busy around here, i thought i'd do a big post on lots of little things...

wearing things:

so, you may have seen the cool thing i get to do for Juice. to explain that a little: a couple weeks ago i got a call from J.Crew asking if they could give out my number to someone at Juice magazine. (btw, magazine? newspaper? newsmag?) i said, sure! about 90 seconds later, my phone rang and it was Brianne Sanchez, one of their writers. she said one of her blog readers (who i later found out was miss k) nominated me to do a "style diary" for their style section. she needed someone to take photos of their outfits every day for a week and explain about their personal style choices. i told her i was flattered, but i wasn't sure if the baby bump would appeal to the majority of their audience. we talked a little longer and she assured me i was the right person (and the only one nominated, ha!) for the job. the story won't run until april 8th, and i don't know how big or small it'll be, but it was a lot of fun and i'm excited to see the final product!

seeing things:

we got to see our baby girl yesterday! it was so fun. mr. arganbright and piper were there and she just kept saying "baby! baby noise!" the whole time. she would climb up on the chair next to me and lay her head on my chest or hold my cheeks in both hands or rub my hair and face, it was so so sweet. the tech showed us 3- and 4-d images, which were really cool. i think this little girl is already "blessed" with my forehead! the tech also pointed out that i have "marginal" placenta previa. which means the placenta is covering the cervix a little bit (i think?) and if it doesn't move upward (which they're pretty sure it will), i would probably have to have a c-section. i'm not worried about it because they told me not to be. but if it were up to me, i would rather not have a c-section. pray that the placenta gets out of the way!

dreaming things:
thanks to this tip from Making it Lovely, i got piper a toddler bed from walmart for the dreamy price of $13.50!!! i also found two bed-side tables for $50. even mr. arganbright was impressed because they're actually solid wood.

thinking things:

mr. arganbright and i are thinking about getting one of these for our growing family. more suv than van, more van than wagon, more wagon than suv. the epitome of crossover.

doing things:

during mr. arganbright's guard weekend, i had some friends over and we gave piper's room some loop-de-loops!

loving things (sort-of):
thanks to some stimuli from mr. obama, we were able to get a new computer! the one we had before was a hand-me-down and served us well, but was getting a little fritzy on us. we just got the new one last night and it seems really nice, but i'm not used to it yet and somehow i keep accidently doing weird stuff as i type. like opening new tabs and browser screens every 5 seconds, selecting (and deleting!) this entire post (thank goodness blogger automatically saves), and zooming in and out of the screen (right now i'm seeing about 50% cause i can't figure out how to set it back). i know all these secret typing codes will probably prove to be very useful someday. for now, they're spooky and annoying. ultimately, i love our new laptop. i just need to learn how to type on it.

Monday, March 16, 2009


my Top Secret wear project wrapped up yesterday.
click here to find out what i've been up to!


if you've ever been pregnant, you've experienced that big lump in your throat. the one you try to swallow, maybe fighting back tears. not from overwhelming love, or a great sense of purpose or joy...
i'm talking prenatal vitamins.
those marble-sized, burp-inducing, herb-y tasting pills you're supposed to take for at least nine months (and longer if you're nursing). i'm sure they're not a big deal for some people.
i, however, am not one of those people. i know my sensitivity to smells and my gag reflex are heightened because of being pregnant, but i can hardly even stand the sight of the big honkin' things.
i'm pretty good about taking them for the first trimester, but after that, my consistency wains and i just start praying that my child isn't born with a third nipple or webbed toes.

through our insurance, i'm assigned a nurse that i can call 24 hrs. a day if i have any questions. she calls once a month to ask a few questions and make sure things are going okay. (obviously out of deep care and concern for me and not at all to ensure i won't cost Wellmark any more than necessary.) i admitted that i wasn't great about taking the prenatals, expecting her to say it wasn't really a big deal.
uuh, i was wrong. i got an earful about how i could pass out, i would become anemic, and that my head was going to fall off. she told me to take Flinstones if i had to, but that i had to take something.
yesterday at target i found the answer to my prayers....
they are actually for adults and are sooo yummy! i forced myself to stop after i ate enough to make up for the past two months.
bye-bye anemia, hello SuperPreggers!

which would you rather take?

Friday, March 13, 2009


hunger finally drove me out of bed around noon. (i tried calling room service, but apparently you actually have to be staying in the hotel.) so, piper and i headed to our favorite local spot: d.r. deli. yummmmm! a trip to d.r. isn't complete without at stop at v.m. that's right, von maur! we checked out the baby stuff and scored an adorable $4 t-shirt for cousin b. then we looked at some gorgeous clothes that are all at least thrice as much as i'd like to pay. but we saved the best for last....shoes! and piper, this little girl after my own heart, saw me trying on some adorable pink flats and said, "piper try on? piper try shoe on?"
cutest. thing. evah. so i got her out of her stroller, pulled out my camera, and, thrilled with the pink-patent-mini-gold-studded michael kors flats, piper did a little dance...


w e a r:
piper edition
sweater old navy, a gift from this auntie
sweater dress a gift from this pretend-auntie
leggings target
socks old navy
boots crazy8


today's the kind of day i'd like to spend in bed.
it's just sort of dreary out and after a crazy-busy week, i just want to cozy-up and hibernate for the day.
i just wish i could call for room service!
i'd order crepes with strawberries and some lemon-caper pasta. yes, that's what i'm craving right now. and a really good cup of coffee.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


well, baby a is about this big. i can feel him (or her) moving a lot more now.
last night i dreamt that the baby was moving so much that we could see entire body parts, like handprints pushing out and then magically (s)he just pushed right out of my belly and was in my arms! then, for some reason, the joker from batman was chasing me so i jumped in a helicopter and flew away. pregnant dreams are so weird.
apparently, all the parts that make him a him or her a her, are developing right now. so at our next appointment (wednesday) we'll get to find out what we're having!!!


it's official:

mr. arganbright and i have tickets to see
dave matthews band in september!

anyone who's known me for a while may know about a little obsession i have with the dmb. when i read that they were coming to des moines i was shocked. they've never come to des moines! the closest they've been to our dear capital city is ames (and i've made that mini-trek a few times now). anyway, as a member their fan club (uuuh, yes, i'm in the fan club) i got to pre-order* tickets and get priority on seats. the tickets haven't arrived yet, so we won't know exactly where they are, but i'm psyched that for once i won't have sneak my way up front--i'll already be there!
only 197 days to go!

*you can get your tickets on march 14th!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


you may have noticed i haven't been wear posting very much lately. that's because i'm working on a Top Secret wear project!
i'll let you know what it is when i'm done!!!
for now, it's my juicy secret!
to tide you over, here are some things i'd like to wear.
on sale at hautelook.com:

Monday, March 09, 2009


10 things i love about you:

1. overhearing her sing to herself in another room. it's so sweet to hear her little voice warbling away. sometimes it's a song she's making up, sometimes it's one we can identify.
2. she touches her chin and says "prick-ly" each time seth and his whiskers kiss her goodnight.
3. for some reason, she likes being barefoot all the time. even when her feet are icy cold.
4. she already has her own style and opinions on what to wear.
ex: crocs are her favorite shoes right now. that did not come from my gene pool!
5. she lays on her tummy to get as close as possible to the picture she's drawing or coloring. she takes her time and works so carefully on each scribble.
6. she'll mention "baby noise" (what we call hearing the baby's heart-beat) every few days, like she's thinking about the baby.
7. her hair gets super-curly after a long nap or a bath.
8. she loves music and wants it on all the time.
9. she'll randomly list everyone's name in our whole family (relatives included), like she's thinking about each person.
10. when i find her, all alone, sitting in her rocking chair looking at books.


the dinner for 8 was a success! we had a fun group of people and the conversation flowed easily. i did not make churros for dessert, but we did have mango & strawberry sorbet served with fresh strawberries. it was a nice, light way to end the meal. plus, it was easy and yummy!
here's the super-easy casserole i made that night:Align Center
2 C diced chicken breast
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp coriander which i skipped cause i didn't have any
2 T fresh cilantro i used WAY more than that, didn't measure, just kept plucking!
1 can black beans
1 can diced creen chiles
1 can red enchilada sauce
corn tortillas i use white, but i don't think it matters...
2 C shred. mexican-blend cheese
8 oz. sour cream

-preheat oven to 375

-saute chicken w/ cumin & coriander i've found the chicken stays more moist if you cook the breasts whole and then dice. maybe that's a no-brainer, but the first time i made this i diced it all up and then cooked it, thinking it would cook faster.
-transfer chicken to a bowl, stir in cilantro, black beans, and green chiles
-spread half the enchilada sauce over the bottom of 11x17 baking dish. layer tortillas over the sauce (they'll overlap), spread 1/2 the sour cream over tortillas, cover with 1/2 the chicken mixture, sprinkle with 1/2 the cheese. spoon remaining enchilada sauce over cheese and make another layer of tortillas. layer remaining chicken mixture over tortillas. cover with foil.
-bake for 30 min. remove foil. sprinkle with remaining cheese and dot with sour cream. bake another 5 min. or so uncovered.
i doubled this (or sorta, one & a half'd it) and i actually baked it in a 9x13. i used one can of mild enchilada sauce & one can of hot. i don't follow the recipe exactly, but you can't really mess it up. just make sure to use enough sauce and sour cream so that it stays moist. i made this guacamole served with chips & salsa, a salad with lime vinaigrette, and a fruit salad.

as i mentioned in the last post, we worked all day to get the house ready. we even did some projects that no one would've noticed, but just needed to be done; organizing all the cabinets, organizing our closets, et cetera. i know i said i'd post pictures, but most of it isn't all that interesting to look at. but here are some pictures of updates in our room:

i guess every room in our house gets an art collage on the wall.
this is a little painting of the town we lived in in colorado. sniff, sniff.

i also hung some cuties in piper's room, but i'm waiting for something from etsy to arrive!
i'll post pictures when it's all done. and here's the old-but-improved tv room:
i know the big blue chair doesn't go with anything, but it was a hand-me-down and it's super-comfy!