Wednesday, February 25, 2009


off to je creu this morning. i mean, j. crew.
for some reason it always comes out with a french accent in my head.
just one of those things...
it's getting more and more challenging to find outfits for work without buying new stuff. don't get me wrong: the new spring collection came in last night and there is plenty i'd like to buy.
but, i really need to wait until my birthday (soon),
tax return day (soon-er), or 'til i get reeeeally desperate (any day now).

cardigan: j.crew tee: j.crew
jeans: thrifted from plato's closet

bracelets: forever21

earrings: a gift from patina in mpls (favorite store in the cities)

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  1. You're still looking way cute :)

    We got the new collection in the store too, love it!

    Hope you're doing well, your blog keeps me from going crazy. It's usually the one of the first things I check every morning. I miss you!



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