Saturday, February 14, 2009


valentine's edition:

cardigan and top: j.crew jeans: old navy boots:steve madden thrifted from plato's closet

you must excuse Lame Face, here. i have good reason:
like many women, i get excited for Valentine's day. unfortunately, like many men, mr. arganbright does not have flowers, chocolate, or dinner reservations very high on his priority list. Valentine's day has been a work in progress for us. in the seven years we've spent Valentine's day together, mr. arganbright has made dinner plans once. let's just forget about the dating years and start with
Marriage: Year One. i had our rings engraved, bought lingerie, the whole bit--assuming he'd made dinner reservations. i assumed wrong. very wrong. he had totally forgotten about Valentine's day. i think he would've been less surprised if i'd told him it was Christmas day. soooo, we made the best of it and i made sure to stress that Valentine's day is the one holiday you can't go out to eat without reservations. like, not even Perkins is havin' an open table.
Marriage: Year Two. i did some major hint-dropping and we had a wonderful dinner that was so romantic--rose petals, champagne, multiple courses, and truffles!
Marriage: Year Three. he remembered to get me a gift and a card (okay, i ripped out a perfume ad and taped it to his face, but it worked!) no dinner reservations, but we were moving in the right direction. they say:
one step forward, two steps back.
this year, mr. arganbright was scheduled for guard duty on Valentine's day. so we decided to celebrate on friday night instead. since then, i've been hint-dropping like crazy to help him remember. he said he'd get a baby-sitter so i figured that meant there was a reason for us to get a babysitter. like dinner reservations. yay!!!
i started getting ready around five. fixed my hair, put extra eye-liner on, et cetera. i was going to put a dress on, but wasn't sure where we were going so i thought i'd better wait until he got home, which was an hour later. he started messing around with his ipod and i sat patiently and expectantly, pretending to read my book. when it was ten 'til seven, he'd still shown no signs of changing his clothes and i was getting really hungry. when i mentioned this, he said:
"do you wanna make something?"
stay calm. breathe. he's kidding. no. breathe. no, he's not.
it was clear there would be no flowers, no chocolates, and certainly no dinner on this Valentine's day. while i carefully chose a few words to remind him of the "plans" we'd discussed on multiple occasions over the past couple of weeks, he hopped in the shower, got on the phone, and in a half an hour we had dropped piper off at my parents' and were on our way to dinner. luckily for mr. arganbright, celebrating Valentine's day on the 13th allows a bit more room for err. we ended up having a wonderful dinner at Centro and i made sure to express my undying, unconditional love.
for the chocolate creme brulee.
postscript: some of you may be thinking that i'm too hard on mr. arganbright. that maybe my expectations are too high. let me just say that, honestly, if he bought me a $3.99 People magazine and took me to the local hot-dog stand for Valentine's day--i'd be psyched. with this holiday, it truly is the thought that counts. but no thought, no nookie. (insert evil laugh here.)


  1. i love that top! 'fighting a cold' is top of my valentine's day list, but making food is not. here's hoping our perkins might have a table open...

  2. Chad gets to comveniently use "We are saving for Disney" in order to stave off any wife angst. (Is that a real word? Stave? Did I use it correctly? I think I did and then I started second guessing myself.) It works. This year.

  3. I am so glad we said yes to the babysitting!!! Thanks for making me laugh, XXX000


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