Saturday, February 07, 2009


t-shirt: heritage
cords: j.crew
(admittedly worn wide open with my bella band securely in place)

in honor of the spring-like weather we had today, i wore my favorite pink pants. that is not to say i own other pink pants that are not favorites. these are, in fact, the only pink pair of pants i own. anyway...they make me quite happy. how can you not smile when you look down and see pink!?

naughty locks turned nice

back to the hair issue:
of course as soon as i decide to hack-away,
my hair decides to have a great day.
volume, wave, and less than ten minutes of style time.
i should be happy. instead, i am annoyed! now what do i do?!
can i expect this good behavior to last?


  1. WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH!!!! YOUR SMILING at the camera. :)

    HA! my word verification is bocklas ... out of the corner it read badass ... heheh

  2. Ah! That hair is super cute! Don't hack it yet, wait until it gets so nasty that you can't wait any longer. My hair growth efforts recently failed when I had to cut it before a job interview.


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