Monday, February 02, 2009


this was date night...

black cardigan: j.crew, scarf: f21, dress: kenzie via dillards,
leggings: f21, boots: dolce vita via shopbop

this outfit began with the leggings.
i hadn't worn them yet and they were begging for some fresh air. then i just worked my way up.
sometimes that's the best way to pick an outfit: figure out one item that you're in the mood to wear, and build your outfit off of that.
unless you find yourself in the mood to wear sweatpants every day...


  1. Where'd you go for date night??? We need to have you guys over...not for a date night...that would be weird...

  2. or a hoodie, long sleeve T, jeans and sneakers. my winter uniform. BLAH!!!


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