Tuesday, February 03, 2009


ugh. i feel like this pregnancy has made me quite lethargic. i feel like all i've done since the holidays began is eat and sit on my tooshka. plus, the temperature, on average, has been a brisk 6-degrees which makes me never want to step foot out of doors. i have two, and only two, obligations each week that guarantee i leave the house: a shift at j.crew on wednesday and church on sunday. the rest of the week is available for hibernating. the wild card is when we run out of food or i have a mad craving, then i may venture out. but only if i'm desperate. and usually i can wait until mr. arganbright is on his way home and request a stop.
however, lately i've decided something must change. it may be the cellulite that is creeping into places i can see without standing in odd positions in front of the mirror, or it may be that i know that awesome gestational diabetes test is in my near future, or it could just be a strong case of cabin fever... whatever it is, i think i'm ready to stop howard hughes-in' it!
my friend has been inviting me to her yoga class for over a month now. somehow i've avoided this new (and certainly very scary) experience by having plans every tuesday and thursday. but, i wrangled mr. arganbright into coming with me so i can't chicken out anymore. it's a little expensive where she goes, but i found a dance studio on the east side (wootwoot!) that only charges $5/class. i think it'll be good for us to have something to learn together. and we both need the exercise and resulting stress relief. plus, there's gotta be some sweet yogi-pose that makes your baby pop out after 20 minutes of labor, right? when i learn it, i'll be sure to post!


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