Wednesday, February 25, 2009


little p has been a bit under-the-weather lately and thus, has been sleeping a lot. yesterday she woke up from her first 3-hour nap (yes, there were two of them) and brought me this book to read to her:

i couldn't help but see a bit of resemblance.
resemblance that could probably be diminished by 5 minutes and a comb, but then what would i blog about?


  1. Geez, that kid gets sick all the time! She is sooo cute though with that crazy hair. She's looking older than when I last saw her!

  2. The potential job would allow all kinds of hanging out during the day! Woot woot!

  3. Hi Bethany--I found your blog by chance through a link from a link from a link or something. I love all your theme categories and I've had fun reading it. Daughter is super cute, and I love this comparison! (By the way, this is Kelsey-formerly Rupp, formerly from Cornerstone-in case you were creeped out by a stranger following your blog!)


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