Monday, February 09, 2009


last night was the first time i've ever watched the grammy's from beginning to end. i even watched the akward red-carpet coverage on E! it was a pretty good show. some really amazing performances, a little bit of scandal (the rihanna/chris brown thing?!), but i will say the in-between stuff (intros, monologues, etc.) were pretty lame and sometimes seemed poorly ad-libbed. i heard they were scrambling to fill time (like 3 hours isn't long enough...) since neither rihanna nor chris brown were there to perform.

some highlights for me:

-super-emotional performance of "you pulled me through" by jennifer hudson. whew, i was cryin'.
-seeing m.i.a perform with the big bad boys of rap NINE MONTHS PREGNANT! yes. that's right. yesterday was her due-date! pretty badass.
-justin timberlake and t.i. performing "dead and gone." i must admit, i lurve justin timberlake. not like, 13 year-old-girl-crush. i don't even own any of his music and no posters grace our bedroom walls. i just think he's an amazing musician, dancer, comedian (have you seen him on SNL? he's better than half the actual cast!) and, okay, he's pretty cute. so, in general, i think he can do no wrong. but this performance was particularly beautiful. the guys with the 5-gallon drums--very cool, and the lyrics ("i've been travelin' on this road too long, just tryin' to find my way back home, but the old me's dead and gone, dead and gone...") were pretty intense knowing that t.i.'s heading to jail soon.
-the radiohead performance with USC's trojan marching band. so. so. cool. and it was fun seeing gwyneth paltrow introduce them & wink at her hubby in the front row. cute, cute.
-also, jt with al green singing "let's stay together." awesome. great song and it's pretty cool that he can hold his own with a legend like al. apparently, this performance replaced rihanna's and was planned about an hour before the show began!

and some lowlights:
-everyone in the audience seemed pretty psyched to see whitney houston. i think she's just one of those incredible talents that people just love and want to see healthy & happy (britney and michael being other examples that come to mind). she seemed pretty normal at first, but i don't think it'd be a stretch to say there was some pill-poppin' in her recent past. (like, maybe a half-hour before her appearance.)
-carrie underwood's performance was great, but her outfit was HEINOUS! yikes. however, her legs can not go unmentioned. holy cow! i couldn't stop staring!
-the jonas brothers are always a low-light for me. it helped that they were performing with stevie wonder-ful, but would've been much more tolerable had their whiney voices not been heard. plus, one of the little boys sang the wrong lyrics during "superstition." yes, we did notice.
-katie perry singing "i kissed a girl" aaaaaagain. you can tell she's even bored with it. but, i do give her props for wearing flats while she danced & jumped around with enormous fruit. it made her seem nice and practical to me.

once again, sorry for no photos, makes it all a bit boring. but, eonline, and have all kinds of pics & videos in case you missed the big show!


  1. I love that you used the word, heinous!! Didn't watch the Grammy's. Never have so no insightful comments from me!!

  2. so we have literally 4 channels down in here in our hotel. i was all psyched the grammys were on last night but of course the part we caught was all the most boring performances of the night...kenny chesney, paul mccartney, blah blah. i was all sad when i saw all the other cool ones we missed!!


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