Thursday, February 12, 2009


meet my new best friend. you might think it's just an ordinary washcloth, but you'd be wrong! it's extra-long so you can hold either end and scrub across your back and it's made of a scratchy material to exfoliate.
anyway, i discovered this at and it was less than $3 but i would've paid five times that. it's brilliant! i don't know if it's just because i'm preggers or if it's the dry winter air, but my back is sooo itchy lately and always in those weird places you can't reach on your own without being double-jointed. this is the perfect solution. let's just say the first time i used it, i let out a sound that i generally reserve for mr. arganbright. yeah.
total herbal essences commercial.


  1. HYSTERICAL! You totally crack me up! I will have to look into it the next time I am at Target.

  2. OH MY WORD!! I totally have that spot on my back, i am going to target to get one right now!!!

    i totally wish i was double jointed...i have taken to the ol' grandpa wooden back scratcher to get to that spot!!

    as my friend erin says, "you totally crack my a**". you are hysterical!

  3. I couldn't help but giggle :)

  4. so, i went to target & they were out. you should get paid for your advertising! :0) then, i went back today & there they were.

    can't wait to have my own herbal essence experience!

    word verification: hypti, which reminds me of hippie, which reminds me of your cutie-cute post of your 'hippy' day.


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