Friday, February 27, 2009


yesterday piper and i took a little field trip to target.
i wasn't sure how it would go...
lately she's had the charming habit of throwing tantrums as soon as we arrive at our destination(the library, the post office, walgreens, tj maxx, et cetera) and when this happens, not wanting to be That Mom with That Child, i throw her over my shoulder and race for the nearest exit. i try to enjoy the colorless skies, barren corn fields, and piper's voice reaching impressively high octaves while we drive home. that way the trip isn't entirely pointless. unfortunately, piper always decides to get crazy on me when i really need to accomplish something: return overdue books, mail the junk i sold on ebay so i can buy more junk, satisfy my ice cream craving, or just get the ____ outta the house.
so, yesterday i outsmarted her by going to target for
no reason at all.
and it worked! i gave her about 18 doodads from the $1 spot and she gave me two hours to browse around all my favorite departments in target! i made a brief err in judgment by walking down the toy aisle, but that was quickly remedied by making a mad-dash for the shoe department (she is her mother's daughter). we also disagreed on whether she should be able to rub her pacifier all over the cart and still suck on it. i briefly took it away, but she won that one when i realized the alternative was for her to just suck on the cart itself.
speaking of the cart...i thought it might appease her if i got one of those carts that has the extra built-in plastic seat. i was right, she loved it. unfortuntely, that thing is so beastly, it would've been easier if i chose to push her around in a compact car. i ran over at least 4 innocent bystanders and forced one lady to leap onto a display of cheerios because the thing was uncontrollable. otherwise, totally worth it.
and for pointless shopping, i actually got some good stuff!

gladiator sandals for piper:

warning: ranting ahead....
so, target had all kinds of toddler shoes with heels or wedges! umm, they're called toddlers because they toddle. as in: they're not really good at walking yet. if i still look like a hunchback when i'm wearing heels, i'm pretty sure piper's not quite up for the challenge. with the exception of some kind of doctor-prescribed, corrective wedge shoe; i'm pretty sure anyone under age 8 should not be sportin' a heel. and now that i've put that out there, you can guarantee piper will demand some sparkly blue heels with cinderella on 'em at the ripe age of 4.

cute piggy bank (first seen here) for piper:

unfortunately, its cuteness is tainted by a label that was apparently awarded "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school.

this cute rug was on clearance:

but, by far, the best purchase of the day, were these:

sooo, the trip wasn't entirely pointless. but don't tell piper!


  1. You're so funny! My boys recently discovered those carts as well (or maybe it was me trying to keep them happy one fateful trip-I can't remember) Love your purchases! Target is my happy place. I would be curious to see how much I've spent there over my lifetime. I should own stock. ;) We need to have you guys over for a playdate soon. That way our 2 year olds can throw tantrums together!

  2. one piece of advice...head to your local hardware store and buy some "Goo Gone". Labels will bow to your force with that stuff.

    super cuteness...all of it.

    oh, and totally agree about those carts--must have been designed by a man...with no children.

  3. i almost laughed out loud at the toddler shoe part but held it in because jon is trying to go to sleep beside me. and the rug looks adorable in the play area. totally completes the space.

  4. Loving the Gladiator sandals! They are the mini-me version of the J.Crew ones :)

  5. I just read this thing about Gwenyth Paltrow and how she started this website called It reminds me a lot of your blog! She stole your idea!

  6. how funny! i was JUST reading on about her goop site. i checked it out after you said it was similar. goop is much prettier.


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