Friday, February 27, 2009


yesterday piper and i took a little field trip to target.
i wasn't sure how it would go...
lately she's had the charming habit of throwing tantrums as soon as we arrive at our destination(the library, the post office, walgreens, tj maxx, et cetera) and when this happens, not wanting to be That Mom with That Child, i throw her over my shoulder and race for the nearest exit. i try to enjoy the colorless skies, barren corn fields, and piper's voice reaching impressively high octaves while we drive home. that way the trip isn't entirely pointless. unfortunately, piper always decides to get crazy on me when i really need to accomplish something: return overdue books, mail the junk i sold on ebay so i can buy more junk, satisfy my ice cream craving, or just get the ____ outta the house.
so, yesterday i outsmarted her by going to target for
no reason at all.
and it worked! i gave her about 18 doodads from the $1 spot and she gave me two hours to browse around all my favorite departments in target! i made a brief err in judgment by walking down the toy aisle, but that was quickly remedied by making a mad-dash for the shoe department (she is her mother's daughter). we also disagreed on whether she should be able to rub her pacifier all over the cart and still suck on it. i briefly took it away, but she won that one when i realized the alternative was for her to just suck on the cart itself.
speaking of the cart...i thought it might appease her if i got one of those carts that has the extra built-in plastic seat. i was right, she loved it. unfortuntely, that thing is so beastly, it would've been easier if i chose to push her around in a compact car. i ran over at least 4 innocent bystanders and forced one lady to leap onto a display of cheerios because the thing was uncontrollable. otherwise, totally worth it.
and for pointless shopping, i actually got some good stuff!

gladiator sandals for piper:

warning: ranting ahead....
so, target had all kinds of toddler shoes with heels or wedges! umm, they're called toddlers because they toddle. as in: they're not really good at walking yet. if i still look like a hunchback when i'm wearing heels, i'm pretty sure piper's not quite up for the challenge. with the exception of some kind of doctor-prescribed, corrective wedge shoe; i'm pretty sure anyone under age 8 should not be sportin' a heel. and now that i've put that out there, you can guarantee piper will demand some sparkly blue heels with cinderella on 'em at the ripe age of 4.

cute piggy bank (first seen here) for piper:

unfortunately, its cuteness is tainted by a label that was apparently awarded "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school.

this cute rug was on clearance:

but, by far, the best purchase of the day, were these:

sooo, the trip wasn't entirely pointless. but don't tell piper!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


little p has been a bit under-the-weather lately and thus, has been sleeping a lot. yesterday she woke up from her first 3-hour nap (yes, there were two of them) and brought me this book to read to her:

i couldn't help but see a bit of resemblance.
resemblance that could probably be diminished by 5 minutes and a comb, but then what would i blog about?


off to je creu this morning. i mean, j. crew.
for some reason it always comes out with a french accent in my head.
just one of those things...
it's getting more and more challenging to find outfits for work without buying new stuff. don't get me wrong: the new spring collection came in last night and there is plenty i'd like to buy.
but, i really need to wait until my birthday (soon),
tax return day (soon-er), or 'til i get reeeeally desperate (any day now).

cardigan: j.crew tee: j.crew
jeans: thrifted from plato's closet

bracelets: forever21

earrings: a gift from patina in mpls (favorite store in the cities)


my latest book-stack...

what are you reading these days?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


remember Making it Lovely's rocker from a couple posts down?
well, even faux-eames costs a pretty penny. but thanks to miss Copy Cat Chic, i found it on for a fraction of the price! plus, overstock ships everything for $2.95.

i'm really bad about scavenging things for our home based on price and not on love-factor. even though i love our home, i'm still figuring out what my personal decorating style is. this rocker is something i'm sure of! i wanted to get it for piper's room a couple years ago but couldn't justify the splurge. i think i'm gonna go for it now!


i love waking up to sunlight.

every morning i lay in bed and stare out the window. some days i only have a few moments, some days i'll take as long as i can. it's one of the best parts of my day.

doesn't this part of our bedframe look like an octopus?
i think he's pretty cute.


apparently, two year-olds think this is the best way to eat popcorn:

i don't know...they might be on to something!

did i mention that i had just vaccuumed down there?
i'm sure that made it all the more enjoyable.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Making it Lovely

i just found this fantastic new blog and had to share it with you! this gal is so crafty, so adorable, and has my dream decorating aesthetic. i've already sent her a love letter.
okay, was a love e-mail.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


baby a is an apple already!
mmmm, now my mouth's watering.
we get to find out whether it's a girl apple or a boy apple at our next appointment.
can't wait!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


after feeling quite lonely without my valentine today;
i discovered a beautiful, poetic, love letter hidden right where he knew i'd find it--among my shoes.

*all previously-mentioned wrongs--forgiven.


valentine's edition:

cardigan and top: j.crew jeans: old navy boots:steve madden thrifted from plato's closet

you must excuse Lame Face, here. i have good reason:
like many women, i get excited for Valentine's day. unfortunately, like many men, mr. arganbright does not have flowers, chocolate, or dinner reservations very high on his priority list. Valentine's day has been a work in progress for us. in the seven years we've spent Valentine's day together, mr. arganbright has made dinner plans once. let's just forget about the dating years and start with
Marriage: Year One. i had our rings engraved, bought lingerie, the whole bit--assuming he'd made dinner reservations. i assumed wrong. very wrong. he had totally forgotten about Valentine's day. i think he would've been less surprised if i'd told him it was Christmas day. soooo, we made the best of it and i made sure to stress that Valentine's day is the one holiday you can't go out to eat without reservations. like, not even Perkins is havin' an open table.
Marriage: Year Two. i did some major hint-dropping and we had a wonderful dinner that was so romantic--rose petals, champagne, multiple courses, and truffles!
Marriage: Year Three. he remembered to get me a gift and a card (okay, i ripped out a perfume ad and taped it to his face, but it worked!) no dinner reservations, but we were moving in the right direction. they say:
one step forward, two steps back.
this year, mr. arganbright was scheduled for guard duty on Valentine's day. so we decided to celebrate on friday night instead. since then, i've been hint-dropping like crazy to help him remember. he said he'd get a baby-sitter so i figured that meant there was a reason for us to get a babysitter. like dinner reservations. yay!!!
i started getting ready around five. fixed my hair, put extra eye-liner on, et cetera. i was going to put a dress on, but wasn't sure where we were going so i thought i'd better wait until he got home, which was an hour later. he started messing around with his ipod and i sat patiently and expectantly, pretending to read my book. when it was ten 'til seven, he'd still shown no signs of changing his clothes and i was getting really hungry. when i mentioned this, he said:
"do you wanna make something?"
stay calm. breathe. he's kidding. no. breathe. no, he's not.
it was clear there would be no flowers, no chocolates, and certainly no dinner on this Valentine's day. while i carefully chose a few words to remind him of the "plans" we'd discussed on multiple occasions over the past couple of weeks, he hopped in the shower, got on the phone, and in a half an hour we had dropped piper off at my parents' and were on our way to dinner. luckily for mr. arganbright, celebrating Valentine's day on the 13th allows a bit more room for err. we ended up having a wonderful dinner at Centro and i made sure to express my undying, unconditional love.
for the chocolate creme brulee.
postscript: some of you may be thinking that i'm too hard on mr. arganbright. that maybe my expectations are too high. let me just say that, honestly, if he bought me a $3.99 People magazine and took me to the local hot-dog stand for Valentine's day--i'd be psyched. with this holiday, it truly is the thought that counts. but no thought, no nookie. (insert evil laugh here.)


friday looked like this:

on thursday i was sitting in that chair, basking in the sun...sigh.

so i did this:

i'll spend the afternoon with anne lammott any day.

and wore these:

these guys have seen me through some loooong winters.

it was a lovely afternoon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


our baby has grown from a lime to a lemon.
it has fuzzy hair all over now and it learned to pee this week!
way to go, baby a!


mama hopped off the denial train this morning.

yep, i brought up the whole bin of maternity clothes from its banishment to the basement. i've been avoiding this moment because i can't really justify buying new maternity clothes if i have old maternity clothes hanging in my closet.
during my pregnancy with piper, it was mostly winter and we lived in a little mountain town where i once was accused of "dressing up" while wearing a plain black t-shirt, jeans, and a necklace. needless to say, it didn't take much effort to still look & feel cute in a town where stylish is the latest color of fleece from patagonia and dressy shoes are dansko clogs.
in case you need a visual:

so, i had a few cute things, but mostly just wore the same pair of jeans and t-shirts. i've kind of been dreading opening the Maternity Bin because i couldn't imagine finding much to be excited about. i was right. opening that thing was
any of you who've been pregnant more than once probably know where i'm coming from... after nine months of wearing the same dang outfits over and over and over, you can't wait to shove that stuff in a box and never see it again. so when you have to resurrect it, smellin' all old and lookin' all wrinkly, it's not quite the same as receiving the hand-me-down box from your older, richer cousins who wore all abercrombie and j.crew.
in my Maternity Bin, i discovered that i have bought way too many jeans (in the never-ending search for the pair that won't need to be hiked up every time i move), but hardly any nice tops. with piper i ended up wearing a lot of my normal clothes until they were completely stretched out and ruined. which, of course, resulted in more shopping.

as terrible as this is for me, i do feel a teeny-bit bad for mr. arganbright. a month ago i'm all, i need new jeans! my regular jeans are too small and my maternity jeans are too tight.
and a week ago i'm all, the lining of my coat is bursting open, i need to find a maternity coat.
and now i'm all, i have no cute maternity shirts to wear and i don't want to ruin my normal clothes again. i'm pretty sure all he's hearing is: ch-hing, ch-ching, ch-ching!
poor guy. all this hassle (and money) for clothes that i'll wear less than a year and won't even like next time i'm pregnant.


in celebration of my widening h i p s,
i decided to dress a bit hippie today:
faded jeans, birkenstocks, even an old hemp necklace.
i'm 'bout to rub some patchouli oil on my belly.

jeans: gap maternity t-shirt: urban outfitters
pullover: j.crew clogs: birkenstock
hemp necklace: a gift turquoise beads: f21

mr. arganbright actually made this hemp necklace for me when we first started dating. i wore it for a loooong time. (probably way too long.) but it's so soft & sentimental--i'll keep it forever.

and now, for your viewing pleasure:

this is what i see now when i look down.
if i was a see-it-to-believe-it kinda gal,
i'm pretty sure i'd think my cha-cha was gone.


meet my new best friend. you might think it's just an ordinary washcloth, but you'd be wrong! it's extra-long so you can hold either end and scrub across your back and it's made of a scratchy material to exfoliate.
anyway, i discovered this at and it was less than $3 but i would've paid five times that. it's brilliant! i don't know if it's just because i'm preggers or if it's the dry winter air, but my back is sooo itchy lately and always in those weird places you can't reach on your own without being double-jointed. this is the perfect solution. let's just say the first time i used it, i let out a sound that i generally reserve for mr. arganbright. yeah.
total herbal essences commercial.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i just discovered this here.
isn't it dreamy? the $15,000 pricetag is also bit dreamy.
i'm adding it to my When I Win the Lottery list.


i guess i slept in a bit this morning.
when i got up, mr. arganbright was gone.
that font makes it look much more dramatic than it actually was.
but it's funny, he always says good-bye before he leaves for work. even if i'm asleep, i still get a smooch on the forehead so i know he's taking off. but not today! now i keep looking out the window when i hear a car door to see if he's back to bid me proper farewell. i know, i know, he's halfway across the city by now. it's funny, i don't think i even realized "see you later" was actually an important part of my day until now!
i'll have to let him know i missed it.
what part of your day is an unspoken ritual?

Monday, February 09, 2009


last night was the first time i've ever watched the grammy's from beginning to end. i even watched the akward red-carpet coverage on E! it was a pretty good show. some really amazing performances, a little bit of scandal (the rihanna/chris brown thing?!), but i will say the in-between stuff (intros, monologues, etc.) were pretty lame and sometimes seemed poorly ad-libbed. i heard they were scrambling to fill time (like 3 hours isn't long enough...) since neither rihanna nor chris brown were there to perform.

some highlights for me:

-super-emotional performance of "you pulled me through" by jennifer hudson. whew, i was cryin'.
-seeing m.i.a perform with the big bad boys of rap NINE MONTHS PREGNANT! yes. that's right. yesterday was her due-date! pretty badass.
-justin timberlake and t.i. performing "dead and gone." i must admit, i lurve justin timberlake. not like, 13 year-old-girl-crush. i don't even own any of his music and no posters grace our bedroom walls. i just think he's an amazing musician, dancer, comedian (have you seen him on SNL? he's better than half the actual cast!) and, okay, he's pretty cute. so, in general, i think he can do no wrong. but this performance was particularly beautiful. the guys with the 5-gallon drums--very cool, and the lyrics ("i've been travelin' on this road too long, just tryin' to find my way back home, but the old me's dead and gone, dead and gone...") were pretty intense knowing that t.i.'s heading to jail soon.
-the radiohead performance with USC's trojan marching band. so. so. cool. and it was fun seeing gwyneth paltrow introduce them & wink at her hubby in the front row. cute, cute.
-also, jt with al green singing "let's stay together." awesome. great song and it's pretty cool that he can hold his own with a legend like al. apparently, this performance replaced rihanna's and was planned about an hour before the show began!

and some lowlights:
-everyone in the audience seemed pretty psyched to see whitney houston. i think she's just one of those incredible talents that people just love and want to see healthy & happy (britney and michael being other examples that come to mind). she seemed pretty normal at first, but i don't think it'd be a stretch to say there was some pill-poppin' in her recent past. (like, maybe a half-hour before her appearance.)
-carrie underwood's performance was great, but her outfit was HEINOUS! yikes. however, her legs can not go unmentioned. holy cow! i couldn't stop staring!
-the jonas brothers are always a low-light for me. it helped that they were performing with stevie wonder-ful, but would've been much more tolerable had their whiney voices not been heard. plus, one of the little boys sang the wrong lyrics during "superstition." yes, we did notice.
-katie perry singing "i kissed a girl" aaaaaagain. you can tell she's even bored with it. but, i do give her props for wearing flats while she danced & jumped around with enormous fruit. it made her seem nice and practical to me.

once again, sorry for no photos, makes it all a bit boring. but, eonline, and have all kinds of pics & videos in case you missed the big show!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


"Once the zigzagging hormones and bleary-eyed exhaustion of the first year have worn off, you're left with the startling realization that your tiny, immobile bundle had become a rampaging toddler complete with his or her very own, very forceful personality."

that's all i needed to read. i handed over my $3.48 and rushed home to soak up some be-a-better-mommy skills.

if you have a toddler, need some ideas on how to wrangle him or her, and don't mind the occasional cuss (better yet, indulge in the occasional cuss)--this might be the book for you.

stefanie wilder-taylor is witty, sarcastic, and gives advice you not only need, but will actually use. such as...

target is a way better outing for your toddler than the guggenheim.

i've only read about five chapters so far, but that's a lot further than i normally get in parenting books. plus, how can i argue with someone who thinks i need to go to target more often?!

note: i have a nice little picture of the book for this post, unfortunately blogger is being special today and not allowing me to upload any pictures. check back later. by then blogger may have decided that its normal life was really much more rewarding.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


1 hour long bath, 3 rounds of shampoo and conditioner,
18 squirts of detangler, and 20 minutes of torturous combing did nothing but enable piper's first dreadlock to mock me. i guess i'm not the only one needing a haircut.


t-shirt: heritage
cords: j.crew
(admittedly worn wide open with my bella band securely in place)

in honor of the spring-like weather we had today, i wore my favorite pink pants. that is not to say i own other pink pants that are not favorites. these are, in fact, the only pink pair of pants i own. anyway...they make me quite happy. how can you not smile when you look down and see pink!?

naughty locks turned nice

back to the hair issue:
of course as soon as i decide to hack-away,
my hair decides to have a great day.
volume, wave, and less than ten minutes of style time.
i should be happy. instead, i am annoyed! now what do i do?!
can i expect this good behavior to last?


i've been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now.
it seems like i've been growing it out

but now that it's finally long-ish, i don't even really like it!
i started growing it out because i think long hair is so feminine and beautiful. but it takes so much work! i often let it air-dry and no matter how long your hair is, limp & lifeless is certainly not feminine & beautiful! so i've been mulling and mulling...not ready to commit because i can't decide how short i want to go. but, i finally made the call and i have an appointment on tuesday.

the top contenders

i don't have any good pictures from when my hair was this short
but it was something like this, without the model face attached.
1. a few years ago i chopped my hair into a faux-hawk. it was a lot of fun and totally low-maintenance. but it was a pain in the _______ (fill in choice word here) to grow out.

2. i think this is really cute. there are other pictures of her with headbands, clips and other accessories that made it seem a little more versatile from day-to-day.

this seems like a good compromise: long enough to easily grow out in case i change my mind (which i've heard women are prone to do), but short enough to free up some blow-dry time. plus, this length would look cute straight or wavy.

or, do i follow the advice of every maternity book,
"don't cut your hair while you're pregnant!"
and just spring for some highlights?

what do you think?

Thursday, February 05, 2009


i'm contemplating changing the dream department of this blog to eat. here are some reasons why:

a) whenever i'm snacking i think, "mmmmm, i wish everyone could be enjoying this _________ right now!" and then i feel inclined to share my snack with you. unfortunately, these snacks may consist of pickles dipped in tuna, a sour apple with sharp cheddar, or popcorn with orange juice. but, my snacking habits should return to normal by august.

b) when we go out to restaurants i always want to tell about our experience. like the wonderful waiter we had at noah's ark or the time we waited 2 hours for a table at sbrocco only to finally be seated and told the kitchen was closing in 5 minutes. i want to be able to tell you to go to dos rios for the chips & guac but not for the entrees. and how awesome the pizza & beer is at old chicago!

c) if i discover a favorite (read: easy) recipe, i feel i ought to share my good fortune! like the awesome 5-can soup recipe my mom gave me yesterday or the brie & marmalade appetizer that serves as my old stand-by for parties.

d) the other day i noticed in the "about me" section of this blog, i referenced loving three things: fashion, my family, and food. i often write about the first two, so what about the latter love?

i'm chuckling now because i've thought about this a few times recently and only now as i propose it to you, few readers, do i realize how funny it is. i love to eat (pregnant or not), but i'm certainly not a cook or any sort of connoisseur. these days my food-love is magnified since i eat every 2 hours, but is it so vital that i need to write about it, too?

is there a future for
what do you think?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


ugh. i feel like this pregnancy has made me quite lethargic. i feel like all i've done since the holidays began is eat and sit on my tooshka. plus, the temperature, on average, has been a brisk 6-degrees which makes me never want to step foot out of doors. i have two, and only two, obligations each week that guarantee i leave the house: a shift at j.crew on wednesday and church on sunday. the rest of the week is available for hibernating. the wild card is when we run out of food or i have a mad craving, then i may venture out. but only if i'm desperate. and usually i can wait until mr. arganbright is on his way home and request a stop.
however, lately i've decided something must change. it may be the cellulite that is creeping into places i can see without standing in odd positions in front of the mirror, or it may be that i know that awesome gestational diabetes test is in my near future, or it could just be a strong case of cabin fever... whatever it is, i think i'm ready to stop howard hughes-in' it!
my friend has been inviting me to her yoga class for over a month now. somehow i've avoided this new (and certainly very scary) experience by having plans every tuesday and thursday. but, i wrangled mr. arganbright into coming with me so i can't chicken out anymore. it's a little expensive where she goes, but i found a dance studio on the east side (wootwoot!) that only charges $5/class. i think it'll be good for us to have something to learn together. and we both need the exercise and resulting stress relief. plus, there's gotta be some sweet yogi-pose that makes your baby pop out after 20 minutes of labor, right? when i learn it, i'll be sure to post!

Monday, February 02, 2009


this was date night...

black cardigan: j.crew, scarf: f21, dress: kenzie via dillards,
leggings: f21, boots: dolce vita via shopbop

this outfit began with the leggings.
i hadn't worn them yet and they were begging for some fresh air. then i just worked my way up.
sometimes that's the best way to pick an outfit: figure out one item that you're in the mood to wear, and build your outfit off of that.
unless you find yourself in the mood to wear sweatpants every day...