Thursday, January 29, 2009



recently i've heard multiple sources (what not to wear, 10 years younger, domino, ladies home journal) discuss the importance of having well-fitting under-garments. personally, i've never invested much in them because no one sees it and i'd rather buy "real" clothes! but, for the past few months i've been trying to weed out all the stuff that is either old (underwear from junior high. junior high!) or just doesn't fit well (my nursed-out mams are needin' a liiittle more help these days). all of a sudden it seemed like i was having to do laundry all the time (Laundry Day=Ran out of Underwear Day). i'd been weeding and weeding, but not replacing!
so, the other day i got some new under-wearings at walmart. uuuh, yes, walmart. a nice little fruit o' the loom bra and hanes underwear. cotton. didn't try anything on.
boring? yes.
cheap? yes.
should i be investing some actual time & money in this part of my wardrobe? i know what the magazines & tv shows say, but i'm still not sure....

what do you think?

update: i have to admit, i'm already experiencing a little chafing from the new $6.48-bra from walmart. i guess i'm off to the mall...


  1. Well I've heard you should invest money in your bras definetly because of support, your back, and the quality overall but not sure about underwear.

    I personally don't like to buy cheap boxers/underwear because the cotton isn't as comfy. Plus they get worn out so easily and I don't like shopping for them frequently.
    Haha. :)

  2. i have to go with halfway in between. not the best- fitting- feel- like- a movie- star, WAY too expensive pair... but not the cheapest pair that match my grade school days pair either. turns out i love a victoria's secret splurge now and then...

    kind of excited to hear what others have to say!

  3. I buy expensive bras to hold these bazoongas high and dry. If I had itty bitty titties (lol) I would buy cute frilly bras but they don't look very cute in ginormous sizes. Don't even ask about the bottom. I am all about basic cotton. Plus cotton allows you/it/whatever to breathe. Boring but functional. And I don't think Chad cares what I wear. Wore a red lacy thong once...he said I didn't have to wear it ever again. Lol!

  4. you totally posted about underwear! i have always wanted to, but never dared!

    i am in the undecided category about this topic. although, like a nice fitting expensive pair of pants, i think the rule would apply to unders as well.

    although it is hard to spend a bunch on the unders...when you get so many compliments on the outers!

  5. Is this bad of me, but I can't remember the last time I've bought a pair of undies!! Not because I don't like new ones, but b/c I always get free panty offers from V.S., well, so does my mom and husband and they give them to me! yeah, they're not the frilly cutesy kind, but they are comfy and pretty good quality! You should so get on their mailing list!


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