Friday, January 30, 2009


scarf: f21
sweater: j.crew
tee: one of seth's undershirts from target
jeans: paige from ebay
boots: dolce vita from shopbop
*all the links above go to the actual items or something similar...
if you're in the mood to shop! is fun to look at but pretty expensive. i usually only look in their sale section, and even that is usually out of my price range. but these boots were 70% off! also, they have The.Best.Service. my order was confirmed within an hour, they were shipped the next day and i received them on the third day, from california! forever21, on the other hand, took 4 days just to confirm my order! i guess you get what you pay for--even when it comes to service.

you'll have to excuse me for always looking so lame in the wear posts. i have issues making a normal face when photographed so it's best i just look away. this has been years in the making. i'll try to dig up our family's christmas picture from 1990. that's when it all began...


  1. i am loving these boots!! they are exactly what i have been dreaming for all winter....i am scared to buy online shoes though...i have duck billed feet that are about as wide as {insert funny item here}.

    you are an inspiration!


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