Thursday, January 29, 2009


i tried this out yesterday...cardigan: j.crew, dress: forever 21, tights: heritage, belt: from my dad, boots: steve madden

not totally sold on the cream sweater-tights. they're soft & comfy but i'm not sure light-colored tights are something that ought to be worn past age 10. but, don't you think navy would be too matchy? brown? i don't have a problem wearing navy and black together, but i don't think it's right for this particular dress. which, by the way, is a little large now, but i'm guessing it'll be perfect by spring. i guess then i won't have to worry about tights, either.
still at the point where my belly just looks like a belly and not a baby-carrier.
other wear stuff:
i seriously never thought the day would come that these pants would fit her. i put them on her a few months ago but had to tighten the waist-band so much they looked like jodphurs. sure, the crotch is halfway to her knees, but not bad!

and, this is sold out. sad.


  1. I, personally think the lighter tights look perfect. I do think the blue or black tights would not look the best but brown could work with different shoes, maybe something bright!

    I did go on the Nordstroms website and notice your blouse was sold out, as well some things I wanted for myself! Shoot, I thought I would be able to bargain shop.

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