Tuesday, January 27, 2009


the other day i was at von maur, returning the jeans and i got store credit for them. the gal helping me was also pregnant and told me about some pants called "lounge act" up in the juniors department. i pictured some version of a juicy suit (which is not for me). but she said i had to try them on. she called someone in the juniors department and had them bring a few pair downstairs to me. (von maur customer service=the.best.ever.) so i couldn't refuse.
and...i was pleasantly suprised! they are normal looking pants (jeans, black pants, khakis, pinstripe), but have a stretchy band around the top. they're not actually marketing to the pregnant teens out there, they're just supposed to be cute, comfy pants. brilliant! i'm guessing they sell a ton of these around thanksgiving.
anyway, i bought a pair and wonderful von maur does free alterations. so a few days later, i picked them up and they are officially the cutest, comfiest maternity-that-aren't-actual-maternity pants i own!

a little lightweight for this time of year, but the awesome thing about pregnancy is you need an entirely new wardrobe for all seasons!!!
oh yeah, actually not awesome at all.
and...not the most flattering photo, but there's that stretchy band! you can leave it up or fold it down.


  1. So cute!!! And your room is so clean... :)

  2. HA! I loved this post. I'm going to head out there tomorrow and get me some, or 10 pairs. I H-A-T-E maternity pants and I refuse to wear them until I absolutely have to. So far so good, and those are adorable! Yay! Thanks for the tip! (Oh look, and your bed is made again) ;)

  3. haha, i knew the bed would be in view so i was forced to make it before this shot!

  4. nice job on them pants. ha ha. wink. i can't believe those aren't intended for maternity. so bizarre. guess i'll be going to buy some too! (i already can't do my top button. yikes!)


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