Monday, January 19, 2009


even at this early stage of pregnancy, i already find getting dressed annoying. regular pants are too tight, maternity pants are too big, etc. so, i tend to wear leggings and dresses a lot.
today i'm wearing the dress i got the other day. far more comfortable than jeans, and honestly, i didn't freeze any more than i normally would on a 16-degree day. at first i had on some cute flats, but even i know when to put comfort before fashion!

looking a little pensive...
cardigan: j.crew, dress: heritage, tights: a gift,
boots: bitten from steve & barry's, necklace: from a gift-shop
this is quite the thrifty outfit, altogether it cost $50!
(unders not included.)

in other wear news...
today i went shopping/selling at plato's closet. i try to clean out my closet every few months and take stuff there because it's a great way to get a little extra cash from clothes that are just fossilizing onto hangers. it's also a great place to find designer jeans but i don't spend much time looking through the shirts because there are soooo many. you definitely have to be in the mood to look. think: t.j. maxx shopping.
the downside is that they can be so picky about what they'll buy from you and when you look around the store you think, they took that but they're not taking this!?? i also have to keep in mind that though they're only paying me a fraction of what i paid for an item, it's not making me any money just taking up closet space.
today at plato's i found a pair of really light-weight, light denim, trouser jeans. they're really soft and look kinda 70's-ish. for $8! and i got a gap denim jacket. i've had a couple denim jackets in the past that i probably sold at some point because i wasn't wearing them anymore. but, lately i've been wishing i had one. it was inexpensive, in perfect condition, and it'll be great to wear over dresses and skirts this spring. i also found a pair of really nice jeans that i bought at von maur before i knew i was pregnant. i haven't worn them because they were starting to get tight already and they still have the tags on them. so i bought the pair from plato's and will return the other pair to vm and save myself $50!

probably a boring post, but that was my wear of the day.

*oh, and honey, if you're reading this: i didn't spend any money at plato's closet. with the stuff i sold, they actually paid me $0.43 for the clothes i got!


  1. You are a total rock star, thrifty girl!! And cute!! I totally want to get skinnier so I can shop with you! LoL!

  2. you are so cute!! i totally went shopping today & left every store feeling frustrated & needing bethany to inspire me to find cute stuff!!

    i need to lose some poundage before i can dive into a whole new wardrobe, but you are such an inspiration!!


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