Thursday, January 15, 2009


i've been "shopping" online. which means, i put stuff in my cart, add, take away, mull, check it again, add, mull, take away, and on and on for a week or so until i forget about it or at least get the urge out of my system and then maybe place the much-pared-down order a month later.
this time it's forever21. i like to get "maternity" clothes here because they are much cheaper and trendier than actual maternity stores. unfortunately, the fit can be questionable and tough to guage. particularly when shopping online. however, it is much more enjoyable to quietly browse from the comfort of my couch, than to wrangle piper into the most un-baby-friendly store and deal with the looks from fifteen year old girls who either think i'm their age and look at me with pity, or think i'm not their age and should no longer be allowed to shop at f21 because i'm gasp! a mom.
anyway, i wanted to get into the store before i ordered anything online to see if
a. they had anything i was planning to order
b. i could try some stuff on to see what size i am right now
c. maybe i could find other stuff and avoid the online purchase altogether.
so yesterday i had a couple of errands to run and i knew, because of the -5 temperature, that the mall would probably be pretty quiet. and...drumroll please...i had the best forever21 shopping experience ever! i think there were maybe, 2 other shoppers in there and everything was so neat and organized! you could actually see the product! if you've ever shopped at f21 you know what a miracle this is. and i had written down the product numbers from the website and one of the employees actually offered to look them up and see if they were in the store!
i bought a tunic, a dress and a necklace (in my opinion, accessorizing is the best way to survive maternity-dressing). and i was able to rule out some of the things i was going to order online.
all-in-all: a very successful trip!
my original shopping cart:

my purchases:

the dress
the tunic

my revised shopping cart:

because one navy tunic isn't enough!
boho and room to grow!

like borrowing one of seth's, but better!
leggings: the perfect maternity pant. stretch, stretch, stretch!

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