Tuesday, January 06, 2009


i'm not sure i'm going to keep up with the self-portrait wear posts.
everytime i catch that last post, i get enveloped in a cringe-induced fit of tourette's.
like, non-stop cringeing for about 3 minutes. are you getting this visual?
i am totally inspired by the fashion blogs i read, but don't think i'm cut out (read: confident) for such things. plus, i'm missing one vital aspect of a fashion blog: the amazing wardrobe. ha!
in lieu, check out these fine chickies and their mad modeling skills:

jane. most amazing. wardrobe. ever.

rumi. ever quirky, ever brave, always inspiring.

kora.wardrobe-love. hair-lust.
(admitted to having extensions. how refreshing and what a relief. i can buy it!)

so, as you can see, i'm a little outta my league.
plus, pregnancy has now virtually eliminated all wear options.
ugh. you're not gonna see this chunk-monkey in heels or a minidress for quite some time!


  1. I bet those girls are mean. he he he

  2. haha, no way! they're probably beautiful AND nice. lethal combination :)


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