Saturday, February 07, 2009


i've been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now.
it seems like i've been growing it out

but now that it's finally long-ish, i don't even really like it!
i started growing it out because i think long hair is so feminine and beautiful. but it takes so much work! i often let it air-dry and no matter how long your hair is, limp & lifeless is certainly not feminine & beautiful! so i've been mulling and mulling...not ready to commit because i can't decide how short i want to go. but, i finally made the call and i have an appointment on tuesday.

the top contenders

i don't have any good pictures from when my hair was this short
but it was something like this, without the model face attached.
1. a few years ago i chopped my hair into a faux-hawk. it was a lot of fun and totally low-maintenance. but it was a pain in the _______ (fill in choice word here) to grow out.

2. i think this is really cute. there are other pictures of her with headbands, clips and other accessories that made it seem a little more versatile from day-to-day.

this seems like a good compromise: long enough to easily grow out in case i change my mind (which i've heard women are prone to do), but short enough to free up some blow-dry time. plus, this length would look cute straight or wavy.

or, do i follow the advice of every maternity book,
"don't cut your hair while you're pregnant!"
and just spring for some highlights?

what do you think?


  1. this is a toughy---

    my first vote is #3--for the above mentioned reasons.

    BUTTTTT-----I think that you would loooookkkkkk ADDDDDOOOOORRRRRABBBBBLLLLLEEEE in #2.

    okay, so I change my vote to #2 officially. but will love all your hair with any option b/c you are already adorable.

    ps/ i just got my hairs cut & am not too happy, this is the first time with this girl that i haven't been uber excited about the doo. so i am all for cute hair on my friends!

  2. i like #2 and #3... but i have short hair phobia (read: shows off my chubby cheeks!). so i vote #3, for what that's worth.

    i'm really enjoying your blog!

  3. If my vote matters at all :) I am throwing out #2 ... it looks likesomething that B would wear ... Manda on the other hand likes #3 ... only because its wild and edgy. :) And she likes wild and edgy, because she knows it drives me crazy.

    Which one does Seth like? Im curious.

    Take care

  4. Definitely #2! It would look WAY-cute on you. And you should just take the plunge- it'll be rewarding, I promise! How soon is your appt?


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