Friday, January 23, 2009


the other night i was telling my mad-musing friend about how overwhelming it is to choose baby gear! piper is way past the point of needing a new car seat (yes, she's still in an infant seat and i already know i'm a terrible mother so don't worry 'bout it). but everytime i try to buy one, i get completely overwhelmed with all the options, opinions, features, and prices.
plus, i really wanted to buy one from either amazon (because we get free 2-day shipping), ebay or (because they both accept paypal and i have money in my account). so, that added to my indecision.

after searching amazon for a few days, i finally ruled it out because you only get the free shipping if you purchase from amazon directly and not another seller.
so, i was down to ebay and
the bad thing is that i'd find one that looked pretty good so i'd read reviews of it. i'm not kidding: for every person that said it was,

lightweight and easy to install!

someone else said it was,

super-bulky! a pain in the butt!

one person would say,

uncomfortable! my child cries every time i put him in.

and someone else thinks it's,

sooooooo comfy! she sleeps so well in it, we just bought another one to replace her crib!

one person says,

the straps dig into his legs and leave red marks!

someone else says,

my eight year-old still fits in it!

do you see where one might feel confused?! plus the prices range from $45 to over $300! how do you know how much to spend? do you get one that is safe enough for an infant and transitions for a toddler? or do you get one that is safe for a toddler and transitions to a booster for a child?

sigh! yesterday i finally found two that i really liked from babies r us. they were moderately priced, had a majority of 5 star reviews, and...
they were both out of stock.

i'd been looking for weeks, read hundreds of reviews, searched 5 different websites, and was now down to looking exclusively on ebay. not wanting to waste anymore time, i searched only in buy it now listings with either free or really cheap shipping. after about 4 minutes, i saw a seat that i'd never even seen before. it is sort of the best of both worlds because it can be used rear-facing for an infant, forward-facing for a toddler, and then becomes a booster for a child. plus it's a cute color and has a cup holder--the most important things! ha!
i googled it, read one review, and bought it! ha! i'm free! it was quite satisfying. i actually feel confident that i made a good choice and will just keep my fingers crossed 'til it gets here.


  1. Congratulations on the overcoming the car seat madness!! Piper will LOVE to be able to stretch out in her new seat! Lol!

  2. Hopefully it leans back enough! We had to return a lot of seats because when the LO's would fall asleep, their heads would slouch forward uncomfortably.


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