Monday, January 19, 2009


i'm very annoyed because we desperately need groceries but piper desperately needed a nap, so i rushed home and now she's been in her crib talking and playing and fussing for over an hour. she even tricked me into getting her up to change her diaper because she said she was poopy. she was not poopy. so back to bed she went.

and now, an anecdote on how desperately we need groceries:
we are completely out of toilet paper. we don't even have paper towels or normal napkins. only party napkins with multi-colored stripes on them. weird. i'd been trying to hold off, but this afternoon i really had to, you know... so i had to use baby wipes. baby wipes! not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but definitely weird. and, okay, a little gross. i felt like i needed to dry off.
i could be grocery shopping right now!!!!


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