Thursday, January 08, 2009


10 weeks
dear little one,
i just want to apologize for not obsessing over you like i did with your big sister when she was in there. i think of you sometimes, but she's still pretty much sucking up most of my brain resources. i think you'll like her when you meet her, but she is the first-born.
i want you to know, i love you and i'm excited about you. i think you'll be really cool and i'm sure you'll sleep straight through the night by 3 weeks. right?
i hope you're happy and healthy and warm in there. i also kind of hope you have a pee-pee. but it's okay if you don't because we have tons of pink clothes.

thinking of you now,
your mommy


  1. is that really the new peanut? did you have another ultrasound? are you going to the midwives, by the way? this makes me so happy you're having another baby! still jealous :) but very very happy to have another bundle of niece or nephew to love. and honestly, it'll be nice to enjoy and swoon over this one for a while before i have my own again.
    (you'll have to answer my questions on facebook or maybe i'll remember to ask them again tonight)

  2. I'm so excited to read updates on the little one:)

  3. WOW that picture is amazing - no more "convincing" people of what they are looking at thats for sure. :)

    Loved the letter B ... make sure you get a copy of the page ... in case anything happens to blogspot. :P

  4. Just wanted to let you know that according to the "nub theory" that is another little girl growing inside you! Google it...


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