Monday, January 26, 2009


a while ago, mr. arganbright and i saw previews for the movie, in bruges. it looked like something we might like, but didn't rush out to see it because colin farrell's a lead and his movies have been hit-or-miss. plus, there was that whole Making-out-with-Britney-Spears-before-she-married-K.Fed-and-went-crazy Thing. oh, and the drug habit. so, we forgot about in bruges for a while.
a couple weeks ago i watched the golden globes and colin farrell and brendan gleeson (the other lead) were both nominated for best actor (which farrell won!) and the film was nominated for best comedy picture. it's also won a lot of other awards and is nominated for the best screenplay oscar. i was intrigued by the wins, so we watched it last night.

it was really good; very funny, but not lightheartedly so, bittersweet, sad, ironic, touching, dark, and sometimes graphicly violent. the writing is really amazing. and colin farrell and brendan gleeson have a great chemistry and banter. if you like coen brothers' movies, you would probably enjoy this. this movie is not for everyone, so don't watch it based solely on my opinion.

but, in my opinion it is redemptive,
a little unexpected and sometimes
very beautiful.


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